Bitwig Studio 4.2 is out now: new audio effects and note grid

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Bitwig Studio 4.2 update is now in beta with three new audio processors (chorus+, flanger+, phaser+), note grid for creating your own note effects, and more.

Update: Bitwig Studio 4.2 is out now

Bitwig Studio only released version 4.1 of its DAW at the end of November 2021 with 8 inspiring note FX devices and more. With this, the DAW has grown again with many new features. It is arguably one of the most modern and customizable digital audio workstations available today. This is mainly due to the modular engine, which makes many things possible.

BS 4.2 is just around the corner and is currently in beta. This update also brings great new features and improvements.

Bitwig Studio 4.2

Bitwig Studio 4.2

One of the big highlights of Bitwig Studio is the flexibility of the audio engine. It’s a modular core aka Grid that lets you patch your synthesizers, effects… together like a modular synth. In version 4.2, the developers expanded this concept to note effects via a new note grid device. It allows you build your own note effects from scratch using the built-in modules.You get a note in/out, CC in, CC out and other modules.

From classic to self-playing music-generating patches, you can dive deep here if you want. So that you can familiarize yourself with the Note Grid, the new update comes with some patch examples. For all French musicians or French language users, you can be happy. Bitwig is now available in French.

New FX Modules: Chorus+, Flanger+, Phaser+

The developers have also upgraded the effects section with three new advanced effects: chorus, flanger and flanger, all with a plus in the end. Each device has four unique character modes that are inspired like vintage studio hardware. They didn’t simply emulate classics units for these, they took the concepts to a new level. Thus, each character has a wide range of possible timbres.

Bitwig also explains that the algorithms offers animation by mixing and matching their internal LFOs with other modulators. Don’t forget, Bitwig has 38 modulators, which gives you near endless sound design options. The effects are also available as Grid modules, so you can integrate them into any Grid patch. The video below shows the new effects in action.

Other New Features

New note grid, new effects… well that’s not all. The new Bitwig Studio 4.2 update also has many great smaller new features and improvements.

  • mini views for the oscilloscope and spectrum device
  • a new anti-aliasing option for most Grid shapers modules
  • new hard clip module
  • channel-16 modulator providing 16 individual modulator signals that fire when notes are received on that particular MIDI channel. Useful with the new note grid
  • probability module gets a confidence output handy for per-step velocities or just a little self-assurance.

The developers also updated the sound content with 44 new presets for the new audio FX devices as well as eight Note Grid patches.

Another impressive update for Bitwig Studio.

Bitwig Studio 4.2 is available now in Beta. The new update is free to anyone with an active Bitwig Studio Upgrade Plan. The official release is planned for March 2022.

More information here: Bitwig Studio

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