Teenage Engineering OP-Z , Big Video Update With Sequencing, New Effects & More

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Teenage Engineering blows up the video engine of the OP-Z groovebox with new video sequencing functionality, new effects & more.

I have to admit: the OP-Z never really pulled me into his as a device from the start. This was mainly due to its very minimal design without a display. However, many friends from the music tech sphere often told me about the strengths of the OP-Z, especially the sequencer that is second to none. According to these, it’s the best sequencer you’ll find in this format, if not the most creative.

On Black Friday the OP-Z was relatively affordable, so I bought one so I can take a closer look at the device. It’ll take enough strength to overcome because it’s actually not my workflow at all. But what the little box can do is impressive. After the first few hours, I’m surprised that I can handle it so well. Today, Teenage Engineering released an update for the official OP-Z app that features many new video functionalities.

teenage engineering OP-Z

Teenage Engineering OP-Z

There is no official information about the update but thanks to the always welcome Synth Anatomy community and the change log in the Apple AppStore, I can report about it. It relates to the neat built-in video function and not to the actual audio engine. This update introduces a major update for the Photomatic engine (photo/video player) with new features and better MIDI compatibility.

So far you could only sequence individual photos with the music in the snap function. Now you can also sequence video clips and gif animations which makes the whole thing much more versatile. It also features a new photo/clip editor that simplifies file management. Also new is functionality with which you can crossfade videos means you can playback two videos together and crossfade from one to another very smoothly.

There are also several other new powerful video-related features. Check out the video below that nicely shows the new features in detail.

A solid update especially if you enjoy working with video. With this update, the OP-Z becomes more and more a great video Synthesizer for your pocket. It’s not just a groovebox but also a powerful video tool.

The new Teenage Engineering OP-Z video update for the app (mac, iOS & Android) is free of charge for existing users.

More information here: Teenage Engineering 

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