Novation FLkey Mini & FLkey 37, new MIDI keyboards tailored to FL Studio

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Novation FLkey Mini & FLkey 37 are new creative, feature-rich MIDI keyboards that are tailored to Image Line’s DAW FL Studio.

If you do reviews of MIDI controllers, the same sentence often comes up under an article or video: “is the controller compatible with Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Bitwig… The answer is always yes because it uses the MIDI transmission protocol that every DAW supports.

Novation is going a step further and simplifying this by releasing MIDI controllers specially tailored to a DAW. Today, they published the FLkey Mini and FLkey 37, the first-ever MIDI keyboards for Image Line FL Studio.

Novation FLkey Mini FLkey 37

Novation FLkey Mini & FLkey 37

The new FLkey Mini and FLkey 37 are made in close collaboration between Novation, Image Line, and FL Studio creators. In terms of hardware, you get here the LaunchKey Mk3 in grey with the same velocity no aftertouch keybeds, velocity-sensitive pads, 8 knobs, and more. However, here the interface labels and built-in firmware come with major optimizations for the FL Studio DAW.

Starting with the pads that give you tons of input possibilities. You can use it in the sequencer mode that gives you hands-on access to FLkey’s pads to FL Studio’s step sequencer for sketching beats fast. Alternatively, you can use two other pad modes to play straight into the Channel Rack or FPC to create rhythms with a human feel in no time. Triggering slices in the SliceX plugin is also possible from the pads.

Novation FLkey

Then, you get full control over your tracks with the pre-mapped volume and pan controls on the interface. Use the eight pots to tweak your mix and record automation on the fly. There are also essential transport buttons giving you access to DAW functions in an instant. The controller also allows to browse through presets and tweak parameters in the plugin thanks to pre-mapped knobs. Something that you normally do with a mouse can be done comfortably from the keyboard here

Inspiring Features

The FLkey Mini & FLkey 37 also comes with clever, inspiring features like a scale mode that makes sure that you hit always the right note or with a mighty chord mode.

Further, Novation ships both controllers with a rich software bundle including plugins from AAS, Spitfire Audio, XLN Audio, and Klevgrand. It also comes with free membership of Novation’s Sound Collective giving you regularly free software plus a 6-month free trial of FL Studio Producer Edition.

Novation FLkey Mini & FLkey 37 are available soon: the FLkey Mini is priced at $109 USD/109€ and the FLkey 37 at $199,99 USD/229€.

More information here: Novation 

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  1. So if you have the same controller LaunchKey Mini MK3, would this be plug n play sans the labels? Maybe an overlay could be used/

    • The LaunchKey Mini Mk3 is a classic MIDI controller. I think this one has a special firmware that connects to FL Studio but not sure.
      Sure you could make these overlays but then you still need to map everything.

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