The Endless Acid Banger, open-source ReBirth-style groovebox in your web browser

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The Endless Acid Banger is a free, open-source ReBirth-inspired groovebox with which you can make acid grooves in your web browser all day long.

Rebirth by Propellerhead Software (now Reason Studios) was a terrific standalone software for macOS and Windows. Later also for iOS: It combined emulations of the legendary Roland TB-303, TR-808 and TR-909 in a great sounding groove box.

The software finally died in 2017 when Propellerhead Software removed the Apple AppStore following an official claim from Roland of intellectual property infringement. It’s a pity, the groovebox was fun and source of inspiration for many musicians.

Endless Acid Banger

Today you can even buy Rebirth as hardware. Roland’s Boutique series or Behringer super affordable replicas of these cult devices makes this possible. Or you play with the new software of the Berlin-based producer and programmer Vitling (David Whiting).

The Endless Acid Banger

Vitling has introduced The Endless Acid Banger, a website that runs a groovebox that invites to create endless acid grooves. It is heavily inspired by the concept of ReBirth software, offering two acid-style synthesizers and a four part 909-inspired drum machine.

The core uses an algorithm that generates endless new music. An autopilot continuously tweaks the knobs, change patterns, and mutes & unmutes drum parts. Without doing anything, the algorithm constantly generates new grooves for you. Alternatively, you can switch to manual control and work with the available features.

Both 303 synths offers cutoff, resonance, envelope mod , and decay controls while the 909 drum machine only gives the option to program the steps and mute/unmute them. Further, you a built-in delay with dry/wet and feedback, BPM clock, volume control, and a meter. Great, the source code is open-source. So you can use it for other projects for example.

A lovely idea. In times when you have a lot of work, you can go to the website and generate some grooves. A perfect relaxation for every friend of electronic music. It’s for everyone, it’s free and doesn’t requires any music knowledge. Acid for everyone.

The source code of The Endless Acid Banger is open-source and available for free via Github.

Play here in your browser: EAB

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