Casio CT-S1000V, vocal Synthesizer with sampling & text to speech

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Casio is back in the Synthesizer world with the CT-S1000V, a new keyboard with real-time sampling and text-to-speech vocal synthesis.

Ccasio? Yes, it’s been a long time since I wrote anything about the Japanese company. This is also due to the fact that the company has not released any synth related product in recent years. They focused mainly on entertainers and home keyboards. If they decide to revive the CZ series, that would be nice.

The Japanese have been teasing a new instrument for a few weeks. Now it is officially out. Yes it a Synthesizer. It’s not a flagship, not an analog recreation but more a keyboard with a synth engine.

Casio CT-S1000V

Casio Casiotone CT-S1000V

CT-S1000V is a new portable keyboard which, unlike the others in the CT series, is a Synthesizer. Yes Casio is back in the synth business again. Ok, only half since the new release is more of a rompler with synthesis than a full flagship synthesis instrument.

The new CT-S1000V is a new keyboard that is powered by the AiX Sound Source engine with up to 64-voice polyphony and layering options. Unlike the other CT keyboards, Casio goes one step further here and has built into it a vocal synthesis engine. It can turn any sound, such as song lyrics, into musical phrases that the keyboard can “sing”. All this in full harmony based on the notes you play.

There is also a Lyric Creator app for iOS and Android app that allows you to enter custom lyrics. Once transmitted via USB or bluetooth, you can play them using any of its 22 vocalist types. Including talk boxes, processed choirs, robot voices, vocoders, and whispered voices.

The engine is capable to playback phrases all at once, according to a set rhythm when keys are pressed or one syllable at a time as new notes are played. With or without legato. Players can also arrange songs on the fly by switching between various intro, normal, fill-in, variation, and ending sections.

Casio Casiotone CT-S1000V


Casio ships the CT-S1000V with 800 high-resolution sounds, 243 built-in rhythms, and 50 user-programmable rhythms. There is the possibility to real-time sample. Yes you read it correctly. Our memories of the SK series will come true again.

You can sample up to 10 seconds of high-quality audio (or several three-second samples for creating drum kits) via its 1/8-inch stereo input on the backside. Alternatively, you can capture samples wirelessly using the included WU-BT10 Bluetooth MIDI & audio adapter. The latter is also compatible as a bluetooth MIDI interface for your DAW and other software including Casio’s Music Space iOS/Android app.

To refine your sounds, The CT-S1000V offers 100 built-in, studio quality DSP effects: amplifier, cabinet simulators, modulation effects, choruses, reverbs, delays, and more. Each effect offers a wide range of parameters. There is also an onboard MIDI recorder that can store up to five performances, with a capacity of six tracks and 40,000 notes per song.

Casio is back in the Synthesizer world. That makes me happy. Mainly because you know exactly what the Japanese can do. Let’s remember the CZ series or the various analog synths. The CT-S1000V is not a flagship synth but a fun idea that can certainly super fun. And the price is very fair.

The CT-S1000V has a street price of $450 USD and is available at musical instrument retailers nationwide and via the Casio online store.

More information here: Casio

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  1. Lots of love for Casio. The CZ series synths are incredible, and I have a smattering of the novelty “toy” synths in my arsenal. I’m actually quite impressed with the CT, as it looks like a load of fun!

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