SYNTHMAS Giveaway #2: enter to win 1 of 2 TAL-Software plugin licences (J-8, U-NO-LX…) (DONE) Winner mails out!

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Enter the Synth Anatomy SYNTHMAS giveaway #2 to win 1 of 2 TAL-Software licences with free plugin selection (J-8, U-NO-LX, BassLine-101…) 

It’s getting dark outside early, it’s cold and Christmas is just around the corner. That means the SYNTHMAS Giveaway event on Synth Anatomy is back. Behind the first door of the SYNTHMAS advent calendar was a plugin bundle from BLEASS with four very creative plugins. Thanks to all who participated.

Today on December 2nd I am opening the second door for you. Today on December 2nd I am opening the second door for you. And there is something to be won from the Swiss indie plugin company TAL Software.

Synthmas 2 TAL-Software

SYNTHMAS #2 Giveaway: TAL-Software

I teamed up with TAL-Software for the second day. Patrick Kunz aka TAL-Software from Switzerland is one of the most famous indie developers in the plugin industry. He is best known for his high-quality plugins incl. synthesizers, sampler, and effects all for a very fair price.

He has a big love for Roland synths. In this plugin portfolio, you can find authentic emulations of the Roland Jupiter-8, Juno 60 but also of the monophonic legend SH-101. And the TAL sampler doesn’t have to hide behind the big competition like Kontakt 6 or HALion. It is loved by many music producers because it is one of the easiest and most intuitive sampler plugins on the market.

Of course not to forget the great free plugins that TAL software has given us over the past few years including the TAL NoiseMaker.

TAL-Software plugins

Patrick has provided two NFR promo codes for the giveaway. Enter now and have the chance to release one of two code of a plugin of your choice. You can choose from:

  • J-8, an emulation of the Roland Jupiter-8
  • U-NO-LX, an emulation of the Roland Juno 60
  • BassLine-101, an emulation of the Roland SH-101
  • Sampler, a powerful, easy-to-use sampler/Synthesizer plugin with analog-modeled filters and different vintage DAC modes
  • Mod is TAL’s take on a semi-modular Synthesizer plugin.
  • Dub-X is a remake of the popular original free TAL-Dub delay plugin
  • DAC, a unique, compact audio degration tool.

How Can I Participate 

Every day I open a door at 7PM (CET) for 24 hours, which means you only have 24 hours to participate in the giveaway. Participating is super easy. Simply visit the article on the current door and comment under the article. Don’t panic, comments have to be activated by me because of a spam pre filter. Please do not send your answer twice or more. And comments on Facebook, Twitter… don’t count!

After the 24 hours, I will draw the participants by a wild random generator. If you don’t like to end up in Google SEO with your name, I also allow you to only use your first name here. The most important thing anyway is a working e-mail with which I can contact the winner or the winners.

The TAL plugins run as a VST, VST3, AU, and AAX on macOS (Intel + M1), Windows, and Linux. The SYNTHMAS Giveaway #2 is available until 3nd December 2021 7PM (CET). Good luck.

More information here: TAL


  1. I already got the TAL Sampler, it’s a cool retro thingie and I highly recommend that for Amiga Soundtracker dudes and dudettes 🙂

  2. TAL-Mod has a glorious and crisp analog sound, and I managed to get it for nearly $40 last month by asking for a student discount. They don’t offer them, but were generous to give em a 20% code!

    • Already used the free stuff when the first plug-ins came out and would LOVE to habe the Juno or Jupiter emu 🙂

  3. I love TAL emulations. I don’t know if it’s close to original, but I don’t really care because it’s sounds beautiful.

  4. TAL-Mod is on my wish list since day one, I love it!
    Thanks for the chance to win this lovely synth,Good luck to all:)

  5. Thanks, great developer, it would be great to win. I love Roland too, but I don’t like subscriptions. An excellent alternative.

  6. I’ve for a while now enjoyed there free tools, but recently tried the J-8 and was delighted. Great stuff!

  7. TAL-Sampler looks very interesting. I like the idea of bringing sampling a bit back in time with some restrictions, sometimes those restrictions enhance creativity.

  8. I enjoy the Lv2 version of NoiseMaker on a Raspberry Pi setup and some of the Apple Silicon native plugins on my #MBAM1. So, as a Swiss citizen, it’d be nice to complement my collection with… the U-No-LX because, you know, it supports both MTS-ESP and MPE.

  9. TAL are THE best versions of these incredible classics……make Christmas great with Juno or J-8 🙂

  10. TAL made really great Plugins. I choose the J-8, because I have all of the other great stuff.

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