Eventide Deal, buy a dot9 pedal and get a free plugin

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For a limited time, buyers of an Eventide dot9 effect pedal will get the matching effect plugin (VST/AU/AAX) for free. 

Last year Eventide broke new ground with the first dot9 effect pedal. Three more followed later. The dot9 pedals are Eventide’s first compact format pedals that are powered by the award-winning H9 algorithms. But in combination with hand-on control control. So far, they have only been available in the H9 or in individual pedals (Space, TimeFactor…). Also anything but compact.

The Dot9 are not just guitar pedals, they also works nicely with synthesizers. There is no new product release, but there is a nice new promotion that Eventide has started for the Dot9 for the holidays.

Eventide dot9 pedal plugin

Eventide dot9 pedal + plugin

An Eventide H9 Blackhole as a pedal or as a plug-in? Well, you don’t need to ask yourself this question at Christmas time. For a limited time, owners of the Blackhole, MicroPitch, UltraTap, and TriceraChorus pedal will receive for FREE the plugin version of any of those pedals.

The promotion also applies to everyone who has had the pedal for a long time. Simply register your dot9 pedal to your Eventide account, and go to this page to redeem your free plugin. Each dot9 you have registered to your account gives you one credit. With one pedal you get a single plugin for free, with two you get two, etc.

A nice deal in my opinion. So you can use your crafted sounds not only in the pedal but also in multiple instances in your DAW.


Eventide dot9 pedals (Blackhole, UltraTap, MicroPitch, TriceraChorus) are available now and are starting at 299€/$299 USD. The Eventide dot9 pedal + free plugin promotion is valid thru January 31, 2022.

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