VECTOR Synthesizer update 2.6.6 adds new ladder filter, blend modes, and more

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VECTOR Synthesizer has just got a big update 2.6.6 with a new ladder filter, two new blend modes, expanded preset system & more. 

Today I reported about Animoog, a vector Synthesizer for iOS that recently celebrated its 10th birthday. In hardware, VECTOR, a desktop synthesizer from a young company, recently came onto the market. The concept is reminiscent of Moog’s inspiring Synthesizer for iOS but drilled out with more features and in a hardware unit. No wavetables but waveforms can be shaped in different directions.

As many people know, I’m working on a full VECTOR review. Two sound demos are already out. A review will follow soon, but I waited because the synth is still in full development. Today, the developers have released a new firmware 2.6.6 that brings new features expanding the sound spectrum of it once again.

Vector update 2.6.6

“Over six months have passed since our last update. There is a lot of encouragement and positivity, some amazing feedback and a lot of ideas flying around on where to go next, what things to improve, what new features to add.

We really appreciate the trust Vector operators put into us, a small boutique synthesizer maker. In return, we try to make this little but powerful machine the best it can be.

Vector Synthesizer Update 2.6.6

In addition to the second-order 12dB/oct filters (LP/BP/HP), the new firmware introduces a 24dB/oct low pass ladder filter. The developers modeled it after Bob Moog’s iconic filter circuit and gives you new filtering options with the Vector engine.

Then, the Blend modes got a nice upgrade. Next to the existing PD, AM, and PDAM, the new firmware gives you two additional ones that make more harmonic-rich and versatile sounds possible. You get phase distortion and amplitude modulation (PDAM), and reverse-phase distortion, and amp modulation (rPDAM).  Just like the other modulation types, these are also audio-rate. Plus, you can also filter the operators and modulators separately before modulation.

Another big new feature is the ability to detune the generators individually at fixed ratios: 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5. So you can tune it down one octave, one octave and a fifth down, two octaves down…The detuning takes place before Blend modulation, and increases the possible sound palette considerably, especially when combined with the new filtering and modulation options.

There are no new presets in this release but improvements on the presets system. The new firmware brings a new page of system presets that you can use as finished presets or as foundations for customs ones. You can also import and export user presets from/to a USB flash drive and a new function let you backup and zip all user presets at once. This makes the preset organization more straightforward and handy.

Other Improvements

  • Prime (fundamental) harmonic frequency can now be appended to various points in the synthesis pipeline (Gen1, Gen2, Blend, Mix) or turned off
  • Improved Randomizer — it is now possible to apply the randomization only to selected Corners instead of randomizing everything
  • Presets slot numbers are drawn to assist with import/export
  • Corner Matrix button now works as a shortcut straight to the Orbiter Screen and opens up the Corner Matrix
  • Many graphical tweaks, bug fixes and quality of life tweaks

The new VECTOR update 2.6.6 is available as a free download via the Ethernet port on the unit.

More information here: Vector Synthesizer

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