Rigid Audio Resomonia, new Kontakt 6 library with high-resonance textures

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Dive into the world of high-resonating soundscapes and textures with the new Rigid Audio Resomonia library for Kontakt 6 packed with 1400 sound sources. 

Kontakt libraries are very time-saving tools with which you can get sounds that you normally don’t. Or that would have to be designed for a long time. The market for such libraries is huge and very colorful. From large orchestras, percussive elements, vintage synthesizers recordings to crazy effects. There are tons of such releases

One of my favorite manufacturers is the German manufacturer Rigid Audio, which often publishes synthesizer-oriented virtual instruments. Their new release Resomonia follows a very special concept.

Rigid Audio Resomonia

Rigid Audio Resomonia

Instead of multi-sampling a classic instrument, they multi-sampled high-resonant effects from filters. For example, RA tuned the cutoff frequency of a filter so that it can be played melodically. This resulted in very unique resonating timbres.

A total of 1400 sound sources were created for Resomonia. For these, Rigid Audio has designed a new Kontakt interface where he embedded the sounds. There is a set of 128 high-resonance textures and soundscapes available in six preset categories. Including ambient, hybrid, pads, plucked, soundscape, and wind. The interface invites you to manipulate the patches using the included parameters. They range from ADSR envelope, reverb, filter, pitch…

Further, you have chime and unique interference & fluctuation effects. The latter adds panning and movement to the sound while interference colorizes the sources with audible glitches and distortion.

At first glance a fascinating library with very unusual, bizarre sounds. Certainly not for everyone but very interesting for experimental or cinematic music productions.

Rigid Audio Resomonia is available now for an introductory price of $7 USD instead of $49 throughout the month of November. The library has 1.4GB and requires the full version of Kontakt 6.4.2. No support for the free Kontakt Player.

More information here: Rigid Audio 

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