FabFilter Volcano 3, vintage-sounding filter plugin toolbox gets a major upgrade

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FabFilter Volcano 3, the popular filter plugin got a major makeover with new characterful types, redesigned user interface & more.

If you make music on or with a computer, you can’t get past a DAW and plugins. There are hundreds of the latter. There are good ones, but there are also very good ones.

Those from the Dutch developer team FabFilter belong to the latter group. And Volcano, their great-sounding filter plugin just got a major upgrade.

FabFilter Volcano 3

FabFilter Volcano 3

Volcano 3 is a major further development of FabFilter’s great-sounding filter plugin. Immediately recognizable is the newly redesigned user interface for a more intuitive and immediate workflow in four sizes. This also includes a better overall visualization. It comes with a new filter display that speeds up the workflow with the selection of multiple filters at once, a unified response curve with stereo separation, and a new HQ spectrum display. The modulation signals also got a visualization boost.

The plugin is a very versatile filtering processor, if not one of the deepest on the market. It can host up to four simultaneous filters, each with different modes and a variety of parallel, serial, and hybrid routing schemes. Of course in stereo, L/R, and M/S modes. Volcano 3 is not only for mastering but also an inspiring sound design tool. In version 3, its analog-modeled filter core has been expanded with characterful new filters giving you even more options.

Besides the high-, low-, and band-pass types, it now comes with a new vintage-style bell, high/low shelf, notch, and all-pass modes. Just like the original trio, these are all highly non-linear for a palpably analog sound and can be switched through an array of sonic colorations using Volcano’s transformative Style settings. Each filter also includes its own variable saturation along with a 6dB/octave slope option, and independent volume and pan controls.

Further, they added other new features and refined the engine making it more flexible. A lot in the modulation engine. Including adjustable ADR curves for the envelopes, a transient detection mode for the envelope follower, and an XY controller called slider. The developers also added a new high-quality (4x oversampling) processing mode, the ability to rename modulation sources, and a full overhaul of the preset library.


Good news for all mobile musicians on iOS. Volcano 3 is also available as an app with AUv3 support.

At first glance, an excellent update. Above all, the new interface lifts the plugin into modern times. And thanks for the iOS version.

FabFilter Volcano 3 is available now for 109€, $129 USD, or GBP 94, supporting both Windows and macOS in VST and VST 3, Audio Units, AAX, and AudioSuite plugin formats. Volcano 3 is also available in FabFilter’s bundles. Existing FabFilter customers can purchase or upgrade to Volcano 3 with very attractive discounts according to the developers. A 30-day demo is out now.

The iOS version is available on the AppStore for $24,99 USD.

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