Sample Logic Empyreal, advanced dual-layer atmosphere designer

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Sample Logic explores the world of rich, evolving atmospheric sounds with their new Kontakt instrument release Empyreal atmosphere designer.

We, electronic musicians, love atmospheric sounds. When asked how to do the best ones, every musician has a different technique, pretty sure. With hardware only setups like synths and pedals, in the box with plugins, with the iPad… everyone has a different approach.

Sample Logic now offers a tool for musicians who quickly and easily search for atmospheric textures, pads… for the DAW without sacrificing the flexibility.

Sample Logic Empyreal atmosphere designer

Sample Logic Empyreal Atmosphere Designer

Empyreal is a newly scripted dual-layer Kontakt engine with a focus on creating rich atmospheres. Or in the words of Sample Logic “an advanced atmosphere designer. The engine is driven by over 1100 new sound sources (5,75GB). They cover a wide range of timbres. From acoustic organic, airy, dark – scary, distorted – edgy, ethnic – world, metallic, pad-like, percussive up to slow motion or vocals. Alternatively, you can fire it up with your own samples via simple drag and drop. So the “library” becomes a fully customizable virtual instrument.

The Empyreal engine consists of four interface pages: main is the central dashboard where you have controls for morphing the layers (A/B layer morphing), main play settings as well as a preset browser. It also gives you access to the waveform parameters, core level FX, and the master FX chain. Then on the edit page, we finally dive deep into the engine. Tweak loop points, loop position, playback direction, volume, pan, tuning, filtering, and envelopes. Additional animations/modulations (LFOs, sequencers…) for the settings are also available.

The FX page offers six swappable effects (compressor, saturator, EQ…) for each layer/core. Further, you get FX chain presets as well as animations for the parameters. This gives you near endless creative possibilities. Master is the last stage in the signal chain, it is the place where layers A & B come together. It offers fully customizable mastering FX chains with more than 30 mastering processors to finalize your atmospheres.

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In addition to these, Sample Logic has also built in an intelligent randomization function with which you can generate your own big atmospheres in no time. It’s smart because you can choose what parameters you want to randomize. So you are very free how to use the feature.

A nice instrument for Kontakt 6 with lots of interesting sounds. I really like the engine that is not limited to the factory sound sources. It’s a shame that Sample Logic has dropped support for Kontakt Player which could be a deal-breaker for some.

Sample Logic Empyreal atmospheric designer is available now for an introductory price of 159,99€ (reg. 299.99€). It requires the full version of Kontakt 6.6 or higher (not compatible with Player).

More information here: Sample Logic 

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