Instruō Neóni, new through-zero analog oscillator, eãs logic & [1]f multi-utility modules

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It’s Instruō release day with three new modules: Neóni, a through-zero analog oscillator, eãs logic processor, and [1]f a multi-utility module.

Instruō comes from beautiful Scotland and is known for its lovely designed modules. They are not only very eye-catchy with their black and gold designs, they also have a unique feature set. Often that go behind classic concepts and offer something new

They were not at Superbooth 21 this year but they have new modules at the start. Not one, not two, but three new module releases at the same time.

Instruō Neóni eãs [1]f

Instruō Neóni (engineering)

Neóni is a new analog oscillator with a unique set of features that take you waveforms in complex territories. The starting point are classic waveforms (saw, sine …) each with its own output. These can then be shaped further with various synthesis concepts. The big highlight is a through-zero FM functionality with AC and DC coupled operation. It uses linear FM.

However, Instruō implemented FM differently in its new oscillator. Neóni inverts the polarity of its waveforms until positive voltage pulls it back through 0 Hz. This behavior makes more complex, organic waveforms possible with less non-harmonic sidebands. Then, you have precision soft sync and directional hard sync modes. For additional harmonics, it also offers a nonlinear wavefolder and split sawtooth morphing.

A cool addition is the ability to uses it as an LFO. Once switched in LFO mode, you can create very organic modulation with morphable voltage that goes down to subsonic territories. A special analog oscillator with a very wild sound. You can go very deep into wave shaping, which I really like here. The design is also a highlight again, in my opinion.

Instruō eãs (nature)

Eãs is a new logic module that sports all of the classic logic gate functions including AND, NAND, OR, NOR, XOR, XNOR, and NOT. Instruō says it’s the be all and end all all of logic modules. From unique rhythmic structures, CMOS-style ring modulation, creative patching… eãs prepares the way for varied patching.

Instruō [1]f

[1]f is a handy multi-utility module for audio and CV signals. It can act as an audio signal crossfader, attenuator, attenuverter, and manual DC offset. The latter has unipolar positive or negative DC coupled offset for both audio and control voltage. With only 2HP, [1]f is super slim module and a helper for many situations. Looks like a must-have or?

Instruō Neóni is available soon for $469 USD/£399, eãs for $199 USD/£169  and [1]f for $119/£99.

More information here: Instruō

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