Boss RC-505mkII preview: RC-505 loop station successor in the making

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Boss is working on the RC-505mkII, a successor to their popular RC-505 loop station with more features and improved workflow.

Complete music tracks from loops were initially viewed as ambiguous. But that has changed a lot in recent years. Regardless of whether hardware or software (Ableton …) Loops are part of today’s music-making tool arsenal like a guitar or Synthesizer. One device went a long way towards making loops popular today. It’s the RC-505 loop station from Boss, the sub-brand of Roland.

Since 2003, the device has been delighting musicians primarily with its intuitive operating concept. Boss took a long time for a new version or the next generation, exactly 18 years. Shortly before the 808 days, they show a preview of the new RC-808mk2 loop station.

Boss RC-505mkII

BOSS RC-505mkII preview

The Mk2 version will be a big update with a lot of new features by keeping all the original beloved features. In Boss words: “the industry-standard tabletop looper, updated and enhanced. On the backside, you get five simultaneous stereo phrase tracks with dedicated controls and independent volume faders. According to Boss, these are new ultra-durable faders with longer throws for more precise adjustment.

On the backside, you have two XLR mic inputs with phantom power, two stereo line input pairs, and three stereo line output pairs. That should be enough for most setups. On the interface, the developers added a new Mark Back function that provides enhanced undo/redo flexibility while performing. The engine will also get a major update.

The updated RC-505mk2 engine has a high-quality sound quality with 32-bit AD/DA and 32-bit floating-point processing. This again contains numerous loop manipulation tools. You have again input and track fx section, each with four simultaneous effects and four quick-access banks. You can customize the FX and Track buttons for each phrase track which is handy.

Boss RC-505mkII preview

Upgraded FX Power

You choose from an impressive set of FX processors including 49 input FX types and 53 track FX types including new harmony, electric FX, and many others. Hopefully also effects that dive into the granular world, which would be exciting to build textures.

The new Boss loop station has 99 memory locations, each with five phrase tracks, custom effects, playback settings, control assignments, and more.

Boss RC-505mkII

Then, you can also synchronize your loops with over 200 built-in rhythm patterns and 16 drum kits. Especially helpful for musicians who perform alone and work with rhythmic elements.

USB for data backup, phrase import /export via the BOSS Tone Studio app, and pattern import with the RC Rhythm Converter are also included. Plus, you have deep MIDI control support and two external control jacks. Each has support for up to two footswitches or an expression pedal.

An interesting update for the almost legendary Boss RC-505 loop station. At the moment there is little that can be said, you have to see the device in action to say more. A bit of a shame that the screen is kept so “Roland/Boss” minimal.

Boss RC-505mk2 loop station will be available in Q4 for 619€.

More information here: Boss

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    • Still the biggest game-changer is missing: that would be the export of each layer of a track separately as to have the possibility to completely post-production all tracks in a DAW.

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