Sound Object GEKKON, mono hybrid Lo-Fi Synthesizer in collaboration with Modular Moon

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Sound Object teamed up with Tulpa Dusha (Modular Moon) for GEKKON (Gek.kon), a new monophonic hybrid Lo-Fi Synthesizer from Russia 

It’s summer and the big Synthesizer companies are on their well-deserved break. A reason to take a look at small, yet unknown companies.

Sound Object from Russia is no stranger at the Synth Anatomy website. In April I reported about the SO 5 an analog synthesizer in cooperation with Tulpa Dusha of Modular Moon. Now they have presented their second release.

Sound Object GEKKON

GEKKON (Gek.kon) is a monophonic Synthesizer that features a hybrid lo-fi synth engine. There is no detailed information on the website, unfortunately, and also the video is very unclear with 480p. Hello, YouTube 2010 or Tulpa Dusha, who is part of the project, also wanted to add a lo-fi effect to its video, who knows.

There are two digital oscillators, each with a tuning parameter. They generate four different waveforms that contain unique digital artifacts. So it’s not the synth with the cleanest waveforms. You can smooth/damp these harsh timbres with an analog filter with two cutoffs frequencies, resonance, and other controls. There is also a modulator section with rate and depth. I can’t identify the details but it looks it has a switch-based modulation matrix.

Then, you have an amplifier section with an ADSR envelope and volume control. A small screen is on the right. It is not known whether presets can be saved. Many questions remain unanswered with the new Sound Object Synthesizer. But it looks like an interesting, cute hybrid synth.

Sound Object GEKKON is available now for pre-order for 350€. They need up to 30 days to manufacture it and 2-10 days to send it to the customers.

More information here: Sound Object

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