Error Instruments Lucifer, a dark FM/drone oscillator from hell

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Error Instruments partners up with the devil and dedicates Lucifer to him, a dark, experimental FM oscillator that makes your system scream.

When it comes to experimental, even crazy designs for Eurorack modules, Paul Tas’ development is a must. In his online shop Error Instruments, based in the Netherlands, he not only offers unique synths but also Eurorack modules that go completely different sonic ways. I’ve reported on many releases on Synth Anatomy.

Shortly before the Superbooth (15-18 September), Paul presents a new oscillator module and of course with a very bizarre sound character.

Error Instruments Lucifer

Error Instruments Lucifer

The devil enters the stage of the Eurorack modules in the form of an oscillator module called Lucifer. Its creator Error Instrument has lent it a set of horrifying sonic capabilities. Lucifer is a dark oscillator that generates sounds through frequency modulation. This means they oscillate from crystal clear to chaotic, noisy sounds. The internal frequency modulation happens in the low level of sub-bass sounds where you get noisy and dark timbres by cross-modulating the frequencies.

Paul promises sounds that are reminiscent of the drill machine of your beloved dentist. Yes, this weirdness and madness are what we expect from Error Instruments products. And Lucifer is also a dark FM drone oscillator if you want. There are three outputs: one generates different levels of noise, one for drones, and another pulses out corruption in responses to gate or trigger inputs. According to ES, the latter is made for drums.

The devil’s own module also has modulation onboard. The developer mystically describes it with the words: light, white light, and dark night tones. It’s inspired by the Scandinavian knights that are almost hallucinating. Yes, spooky, spooky.

With Lucifer, Error Instruments has once again crazy expanded its arsenal of experimental sound generators. It’s a very complex and dark oscillator for experimental/noise musicians who would like to take their system into the deepest abyss of sound design.

Error Instruments Lucifer is available now for 199€.

More information here: Error Instruments

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