Sonicstate Friday Fun Synth Jam with Dreadbox synths Korg NTS-1 & more

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Nick Batt of Sonicstate did a performance with different Dreadbox synthesizers (Typhon,… Korg NTS-1 in his latest Friday Fun episode.

Synthesizers, drum machines, effects, all tools with which music today can produce great music for relatively little money. On YouTube, however, one notices that jams are often no longer enough to attract viewers. Often talented musicians have to review their instruments so that more people click on the video.

Strange development, but true. It has to go the other way again. Away from consumption to music creation. To a community that doesn’t wait for the latest reviews but for the music you make. A good example is the latest Friday Fun video release from Sonicstate where Nick Batt jams with different synth gear.

This one came up fast and dirty – we were just about to break down the set for working on a new review and this just sort of happened. Yes its pretty derrivative ( we think that top line might be property of Mr Vangelis), but we thought it had a vibe and its got a thoroughly Greek vibe.


For his current Friday Fun episode, in which Nick Batt from Sonicstate jams with synthesizers, drum machines, effects … this time he uses how many Greek synths.
  • Dreadbox NYX MKII, Erebus MKII, Typhon
  • Korg NTS-1
  • Zoom MS70-CDR
  • Arturia Keystep Pro
  • Conductive Labs MRCC MIDI patchbay.
More information here: Sonicstate

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