Dreadbox & Sinevibes Are Working On A Synth, Analog Demons Meets Digital Gods

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Dreadbox, the analog demons, and Sinevibes the digital gods have teamed up to develop a new synthesizer, the result will be published soon

Dreadbox showed its first collaboration two years ago, at that time with the Polish company Polyend. The distribution of tasks was clear here: the analog part belonged to the Greeks where they are also experts and the digital part of the engine to Polyend. Now a similar project is slowly appearing on the horizon but this time with another company.

In the last few days, the plugin manufacturer Sinevibes has been teasing in videos about a new product where they talk about “analog demons” and “digital gods”. They also clearly mention the company Dreadbox on social media channels. So there will another co-developed product where two companies join forces. Analog for Dreadbox and digital this time for Sinevibes.

Dreadbox Hades

Already in May, I reported on a new Dreadbox product, which they teased on FB / Instagram. At that time, however, there was no talk of Sinevibes. For me, a collaboration between the two companies makes perfect sense. For one thing, it’s no secret that Artemiy Pavlov is a great admirer of the Dreadbox Synthesizer and good friends with the developers (social media posts). On the other hand, Sinevibes showed that they are one of the top brands for effect algorithms. Plus, they can harmonize very nicely with hardware synths, i.e Korg -logue custom oscillator/effects.

Dreadvibes Sinebox? 

What can it be? One thing is certain: it will feature rock-solid Greek analog technology but also high tech, noble digital power from Sinevibes. If it becomes the device that you saw in the picture from May, you can assume that it will be a very compact instrument.

Rather with a classic analog engine but coupled with DSP power from Sinevibes. How far that goes is not known. It can only be effects that can be activated after the filter or effects that affect the oscillators such as advanced waveshaper etc. which would open new sound design options. Or it offers a Sinevibes effect platform (Korg multi-engine inspired), where you could exchange effects. That would be very exciting. All this is of course just pure speculation.

There is not a lot in the two teasers, but what we can hear sounds very fat and aggressive. There are effects on the sounds that come from Sinevibes pretty sure. Where the journey is going to is currently unknown but I am sure it will be an exciting one.

More information here: Dreadbox 

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