Sequential adds patch morphing & new wavetables to Pro 3 Synthesizer

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Sequential is expanding its Pro 3 hybrid synthesizer in firmware 1.2 with creative patch morphing, additional wavetables, and with in-depth video tutorials.

Very often developers tend to bring very quick new products to market and so lose focus on their current or older products. Thus relatively new products no more get maintenance through updates, which is s shame.

But there are parade examples like Novation or Sequential. The latter was not always like that, Tempest reminder, but that has certainly improved significantly. For example, they recently raised the level of their Prophet 6 and OB-6 Synthesizer with the addition of MPE and the vintage mode. And yes, the latter now also belongs to Focusrite. The latest Synthesizer from Dave Smith and his development team, the Pro 3, received this week a free update that is super solid.

Sequential Pro-3

As a reminder, the Sequential Pro 3 is a feature-rich, 3-voice paraphonic hybrid Synthesizer. It features two rich-sounding analog VCOs, one wavetable oscillator, three “legendary” analog filters (P6, OB-6, ladder), three LFOs, The latest synthesizer from Dave Smith and his development team, the Pro-3, recently received a free update that is impressive. A very dense feature set with classic analog but modern functions.

Sequential Pro 3 Patch Morphing

With the firmware update 1.2, Sequential is expanding its hybrid Synthesizer Pro-3 with a very exciting function, patch morphing. It doesn’t sound like much at first, but it is very helpful. Users can now morph between two different patches using one of the synth’s many real-time controllers. So you can map it to the mod wheel, touch slider, or key pressure.

Sequential says that this provides many new possibilities for real-time expression and dramatic timbral variation. Not just that in my opinion. You can also use it to generate new sounds. Since you are morphing from one patch to another in the morphing process, many parameters are moved with each other. If you do not go through the morphing, i.e. from 1 to 2, you will have interesting intermediate results. These can also provide interesting patches.

To benefit from this new feature, you have to upgrade the firmware of your Pro-3 to version 1.2. This is currently available as a pre-release/beta version on the Sequential user forum for free.

New Wavetables

Sequential also has released a full set of 32 new wavetables for the Pro 3 that expands its sound palette once again. According to the developers, the new wavetables are derived from an eclectic collection of sources. Including the Fairlight IIx, a vintage Sequential Circuits TOM drum machine, dual TAU 20-stage phasers, a boutique Frequency Shifter, and Equinox EQ Phaser, and classic 90’s-era Turbosynth sound design software.

Plus there is a selection of heavily processed acoustic instruments such as Chapman Stick and human voice. Sequential also adds a new sound bank with 128 sounds showcasing the new wavetables. Each sound in the set includes extensive modulation routings, effects setups, and its own accompanying sequence to demonstrate the sound in context. Also, this add-on is free of charge.

Pro 3 Tutorials

Sequential has also partnered with sound designer Julian Pollack (J3PO) for a set of in-depth Pro-3 tutorials.

These new updates are free of charge for all Sequential Pro-3 customers.

Sequential Pro 3 standard edition is available now for $1599 USD (US MAP) and the Pro 3 SE for $2099 USD (US MAP).

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