Presonus Revelator io24, audio interface with effects & neat streaming extras

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Presonus starts the streaming and podcaster offensive with their new Revelator io24, an affordable audio & midi interface with DSP power. 

Streaming, a topic that was huge in 2020 but still remains very important in 2021.  Initially rather rare, now more and more interfaces are coming that are not only designed for music production but also for streamers. MOTU, for example, celebrated a huge success with its M2 and M4 audio interface. This can be recognized by the fact that both are constantly sold out.

Now Presonus goes on the offensive with a new audio & MIDI interface named Revelator io24 that is comparable with the MOTU M2.

Presonus revelator io24

Presonus Revelator io24

The Presonus Revelator io24 USB-C audio interface is aimed at musicians, streamers but also podcasters. It features two combo inputs for XLR and jacks on the front. Both have a phantom power switch and features XMAX-L microphone pre-amps with up to 60dB. It runs at a resolution of 24-bit and 96kHz.

At the backside, there are two line outputs and a headphone output. The latter could be better in front in my opinion, that’s more practical. Plus, you get MIDI inputs and outputs. A nice addition is here the little display that shows you the input and output levels.

Presonus Revelator io24 backside

DSP Power

But there is more hidden in the small, new Presonus interface. It has an internal DSP that offers different features. Starting with a loopback mixer that offers two stereo loopback channels. Practical for streamers or podcasters who want to feed in other sound sources in their content. The stream mix mode makes it easy to mix the input signals, effects, and loop channels. So you get a mixing station right in the interface, nice.

Further, you get different onboard mixing and creative effects. It includes the Fat Channel from the StudioLive series that gives you a high-pass filter, gate, three compressors, EQs, and a limiter. On the creative side, it features a doubler, vocoder, ring modulator, comb filter, detuner, delay, and reverb. You can not only apply them instantly but also recall mix and effects settings from the device as a preset. Each channel has a dedication preset button on the front panel.

Presonus ships the Revelator io24 with the handy Universal Control Software as well as a software bundle including Studio One Artist, Studio Magic Bundle, and Ableton Live Lite.

That looks like a solid bundle. The Revelator io24 offers a lot of features for 199 €, helpful mixing tools, and lots of extra software. Motu M2, you have good competition.

PreSonus Revelator io24 is available now for 199€. If you buy the interface until August 31st, 2021, you get on top the Ampire amp and effect plugin for free.

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  1. Diversamente da Motu M2 però non possiede il convertitore Sabre con la sua alta qualità sonora.

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