Oberheim TVS-Pro Special Edition Synthesizer exploration with Julian Pollack (J3PO)

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Sound designer and musician Julian Pollack sonically explores in his new video the new Tom Oberheim TVS-Pro Special Edition Synthesizer. 

In March of 2021, Tom Oberheim announced the comeback of the TVS-Pro as a special edition with the original Oberheim logo badge and Tom Oberheim’s personal signature.

Tom Oberheim delivered the first units this Summer. One of the lucky ones is the sound designer Julian Pollack (J3PO) who also works closely with Sequential. In a new interesting video, he unboxes the synth and explores the new TVS-Pro special edition.

Oberheim TVS-Pro Special Edition

Oberheim TVS-Pro Special Edition

The TVS-Pro SE retains everything that made the original Two-Voice legendary but includes a whole host of brand new features. It consists of two analog SEM voices. Each voice has two oscillators, a 2-pole (12dB) state variable filter, a single LFO, 2 envelopes… In total, you get 2 parts with 4 VCOs, 2 filters, 2 LFOs, 4 envelopes, and more.

A highlight of the Two Voice Pro is the mini-sequencer that gives you 16 steps for each voice. It has space for up to 50 sequences that can be chained into songs. There are also 56 patch points with which you can use it semi-modular. The keyboard has 37 keys with velocity and aftertouch support.

The TVS-Pro remains a special analog Synthesizer. Besides its creamy, fat character, it scores with the ability to configure two voices independently. Two identical patches, two completely different, two voices with panning for extra fatness… The voice architecture gives you a lot of freedom. And the special edition brings this flexibility back.

More information here: Oberheim 

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