Erica Synths & Sonic Potions LXR-02 drum synth out now: features & sound demos

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Erica Synths gives the popular DIY digital Synthesizer LXR a Pro upgrade in a new LXR-02 version in collaboration with Sonic Potions

Erica Synths probably planned the official release of the LXR-02 with Sonic Potions differently. Sweetwater had leaked the device on their website almost two weeks earlier. You can’t be happy about something like that, but you have to see it from this page. Erica Synths get two promos for the device.

To be honest, I like to do this for Erica Synths and Julian from Sonic Potions. Two amazing manufactures that go well together. The LXR-02 is no longer a leak but official.

Erica Synths LXR-02

Erica Synths & Sonic Potions LXR-02

The LXR-02 is a lovely successor to the popular LXR DIY version. It still has all the features that made the first version successful: 6 deep drum synth voices, over 30 adjustable parameters for voice, powerful sequencer…).

A big highlight in the LXR-02 is the engine which is one of the deepest. Here you can design a wide range of drum / percussive sounds from scratch. All synthesis based without samples, so you have almost unlimited possibilities. From classic analog-style, digital to experimental. One thing is sure, they are not digital clones of vintage drum machines. They are very unique, have their own character, and are true drum Synthesizer beasts.

However, Erica Synths has taken the LXR concept to a new level with the second version. They gave it a professional, finished touch. On the one hand, there is a very classy black case with red accents which makes it easier to use. On the other hand, more hands-on control thanks to new sliders. So you can directly control each voice. Thus, it makes the device much more compatible with live jams.

Sound Demos

LXR-02 Features

  • 6 drum voices.
  • Powerful sound design engine.
  • Over 30 adjustable parameters per voice.
  • Voice volume sliders.
  • Insert FX section.
  • 4 assignable 6,3″ jack outputs (2x stereo or 4x mono).
  • Full-size MIDI in/out.
  • Flexible, performance-oriented 64 step sequencer.
  • Performance mode with mutes, rolls, master bit-crush, and kit morphing.
  • Kit, Pattern, Performance, and Song memory.
  • SD card for easy FW updates and Project backup.
  • Headphone output.
  • Extensive MIDI implementation.
  • Durable and compact aluminum casing

The LXR-02 is a great further development and it will certainly make Julian’s drum Synthesizer much better known. Well done, Erica Synths and Sonic Potions.

Erica Synths & Sonic Potions LXR-02 is available now for pre-order for 589€. Shipping starts mid-July.

More information here: Erica Synths 

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