Tone2 Nemesis 2, Futuristic FM Synthesizer Plugin Gets A Free Update

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Tone2 sends its futuristic FM Synthesizer plugin into the second round with new features, improvements.. and N1 users get Nemesis 2 free of charge.

FM synthesizers are making a real comeback in 2020/2021. In hardware or software, new FM synths with new concepts are appearing everywhere. A plugin that has been offering FM differently for a long time is Nemesis from the German company Tone2.

Now Nemesis 2 has been released with new features and improvements. Nemesis 1 users will be happy to hear that the update is free of charge.

Tone2 Nemesis 2

Tone2 Nemesis 2

Nemesis 2 picks up where the first version left off. It breaks out of the classic, complicated FM synthesis world and offers this in a simplified form. Away from cumbersome operators designing, tuning, etc. to FM generation with other synthesis methods built-in into simplified algorithms.

This includes classic FM/phase-mod (Yamaha DX11), Korg 01/W-style waveshaping, additive synthesis, phase distortion (Casio CZ), formant synthesis (Yamaha FS1R), resynthesis, neo-FM, and more. Little reminds here of the good old DX-7 flagship FM synth from Yamaha.

The possibilities that Nemesis (v1) offered were very large and futuristic without making it seem complicated. All of this is now available in Nemesis 2 in an expanded form.

New In Nemesis 2

There are some nice improvements, some major and minor. I focus on the big new features.

A nice new feature is the built-in random function with which you can generate new sounds at the push of a button. The results are often not perfect but they can serve as a good starting point. Besides new waveforms (noisy & complex types), Tone2 added new effects to Nemesis 2. It now includes Hypersaw with up to 9 voices, a Haas effect as well as an industry-standard chorus.

It also includes a bigger GUI (not scalable), a higher sound quality and some other improvements. For example, the multitap, delay, ping pong, delay dual, doubler delay band delays types now have a better, less detuned character.

Another important change is affecting users of older computers. Nemesis 2 no longer supports 32-bit on PC. If you still want to use a 32-bit host, you need to install Nemesis 1.6 without the new features instead. If you are on macOS, you need now macOS 10.7 to run Nemesis 2.

The developers also added a recorder to the PC standalone version that allows you to record and export jam sessions to a wav file. Plus a soft-clipping algorithm with low harmonic distortion.

The Nemesis Synthesizer has been with me on my FM journey for a long time. This is also shown by the aging video above. Nice to see that there is now a big free update for this futuristic synth.

Tone2 Nemesis 2 is available now for $99/99€. The new version is a free update for existing Nemesis customers.

More information here: Tone2

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