Pulsar Modular P914, Moog’s Legendary Fixed Filter Bank As A Plugin

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Pulsar Modular P914 is an authentic emulation of the legendary Moog Modular fixed filter bank, expanded with handy features as a plugin for macOS & Windows.

The Moog Modular is a legendary analog Synthesizer. For most, this sound tower remains priceless. Behringer has recently cloned the Moog Modular and made it affordable for everyone. In the original & replica, one of the highlights is the fixed filter bank. A module with which you can craft unique filtering effects.

For music who prefer to work with software, there are now also emulations of this iconic filter module. Audio Damage, for example, had one in its portfolio early on. The second take now comes from the Turkish plugin company Pulsar Modular.

Pulsar Modular P914 Fixed Filter Bank

Pulsar Modular P914 Fixed Filter Bank

The P914 is an authentic emulation of the legendary Moog 914 fixed filter bank. It uses 12 active bandpass filters ranging from 125Hz to 5.6Hz giving you precise control over the harmonic content of your sound or tracks. These do not have a classic gain option but each includes an attenuator. Here, you can add/remove the amount of each band precisely.

Plus, you have a lowpass and highpass filter that gives you additional filtering options. The plugin version from Pulsar Modular has also the functionality to direct the output of each cell to either the left or right channel. This makes the classic fixed filter bank more flexible. Unlike the original, the P914 can save presets which is a big plus especially if you want to recall specific settings.

In version 1.5, the developers added a new morphing feature where one slider can take your sound from one preset to another. Super helpful in DAW automation where you can record 14 parameters at the same time than one after the other. However, Pulsar Modular did not reinvent the filter wheel with their emulation. It remains a fixed filter bank that is good for certain tasks. For example, you can enhance your signals by adding harmonics at specific frequencies or removing them at others.

First Look

The plugin sounds very solid in the videos that are available. The little extra features are very helpful and open new filtering doors. The asking price is too high for a relatively simple filter bank replica. Don’t forget, you can get the Behringer hardware replica of the 914 for cheaper. In the Lunar Lander review, this was also one of my criticisms. They could be a bit more moderate because cheaper, software alternatives (Audio Damage….) are out there. But you get a very high-quality plugin, I’m sure of that, especially after my LL test.

Pulsar Modular P914 is available now 204€ and runs as a VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS and Windows. A 20-day fully-functional trial is available at the website. No iLok or dongle is required for the activation.

More information here: Pulsar Modular 

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