Colin Benders’ Monster Synth With 243 Modules Is Alive

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Colin Benders’ new monster synth is alive with 243 analog & digital Eurorack modules and hundreds of cables waiting to be patched

The modular Synthesizer adventure is exciting. Especially when you’ve bought a new module. Your eyes sparkle when you unpack it like when you got a rare Pokémon card. Patching and experimenting with cables and modules is a unique experience in itself.

But if you want to get away from simple noodle sessions and move on to live performances with your beloved Eurorack system, you take the next step. And this cannot be easy at the beginning. One who accepted this challenge and masters his system is Colin Benders from the Netherlands.

Colin Benders' Monster Synth

The multi-instrumentalist is known for its oversized modular system that it carries to every concert. A few weeks ago he started assembling his new monster synth and it is now finished.

Colin Bender’s Monster Synth

This is definitely a monster synth. It consists of 243 Eurorack modules, yes 243, that require 14988 mA on the +12V bus, 8414mA on the -12V bus, and 565 mA on the 5V. No comparison to the standard Eurorack systems. Everything is monstrous here. Also the price. According to ModularGrid, the modules have a value of 63.528€ plus the custom-made powered-cases, cables, etc.

Colin’s love for analog modules can be clearly seen. He has a lot of AJH, Doepfer, MacBeth, Cwejman, and others. But also a west-coast part such as modules from Verbos including two harmonic and a complex oscillator. Perfect for bringing new timbres into analog systems.

You can find all the details here: System 1  System 2

The definition of a monster synth has not yet been written down. But I can say so much, Colin Benders’ new monster synth would certainly be among the practical examples.

More information here: Colin Benders

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