Peter Forrest’s lovely A-Z of Analogue Synthesizers books are back in revised versions

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Peter Forrest’s A-Z of Analogue Synthesizers books from 1994 are very popular, rare, but now revised versions are out so everyone can enjoy them without paying astronomic second-hand prices.

I recently reported on the new version of Kim Bjørn’s bestseller Push Turn Move. A book that deals with the concepts of electronic instruments. However, this is not the first.

In 1994 Peter Forrest published the A-Z of Analog Synthesizers series of books dealing with analog synthesizers. In these, he cataloged the well-known but also obscure analog synthesizers from the past and wrote down interesting facts about each one. Very interesting reference work for friends of analog synthesizers.

Peter Forrest A-Z of analogue synthesizers

At the time, however, the books were limited and in great demand. This had the consequence that the books in second-hand platforms like Ebay, when they appeared, were traded at astronomical prices. I regularly found them there in used condition for +/- 250 €.

Peter Forrest A-Z Analog Synthesizers Revised Version

Anyone who is still interested in these works can be happy. Peter Forrest has reissued both books (A-M & N-Z) in revised versions after a long time. They now offer 80 more pages of analog synth goodness to discover, 92 color photos, loads of graphs, and more. That sounds like a must-have and must-reading for the summer vacation. And yes, I’ll click the buy button.

Books still have their charm and such books even more so. On Wikipedia or you can find all information about the respective synthesizer in a few clicks. That’s great and it’s free. Here you can also take a leisurely look into it offline, without a screen, and learn new things from familiar or very strange analog instruments. As I said, a must for all fans of good Synthesizer reading.

The A-Z of Analogue Synthesizers books by Peter Forrest are now available from the official website. Both volumes are £45 and one is £25.

More information here: Peter Forrest 

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