Mos-Lab E-Mu Modular System, A Clone Of Dave Rossum’s Modular Synth (SynthFest France 2021)

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Mos-Lab, known for its authentic Moog Modular replicas, is showing a clone of the super rare E-Mu Modular System at SynthFest France 2021.

We continue with another news from SynthFest France 2021. Again from a small company. Mos-Lab from France is known to some because of its authentic Moog Modular replicas. These in their original size. He offers the modules individually as well as in the known systems: Model 15, 15 + 960, Model 10, and Sequencer Complement A/B.

A Model 10 replica starts at € 4200, which is certainly not a bargain but is significantly cheaper than the official re-releases from Moog. At SynthFest France he shows his latest development aka reproduction work. It is a clone of the ultra-rare E-Mu Modular System by Dave Rossum from the year 1974.

Mos_Lab E-MU Modular System

Mos-Lab E-Mu Modular System

The E-Mu modular system consists of different oscillator modules, unique filters, modulators including LFO, DADSR envelopes, sample & hold, VCAs as well as utility modules. The system should compete with the well-known ARP 2600 or Moog Modular. This mission didn’t work out for Dave Rossum and E-Mu. But that didn’t harm the E-Mu Modular System.

It went down in history as one of the most special modular synthesizers ever built. Mainly because it was different in many points from his competitions at the time. For example, the E-Mu Modular System is capable of creating unique timbres thanks to its special modules like the resonant formant filter, and others.

Mos-Lab did not replicate the well-known 61-note CV / Gate keyboard. Just the iconic bright silver/blue modules. Currently only as a project in itself. But he is ready to build more units on request.

It is not known what the whole system will cost. Cloning doesn’t bring the Synthesizer forward, in my opinion, but it’s nice to see a boutique manufacturer cloning this super rare Synthesizer.

And we remember: Uli Behringer asked Mos-Lab for a collaboration in 2019. The French developer rejected this offer. But Uli could try again now and convince him of an E-Mu Modular System in Eurorack, that would be something.

More information here: Mos-Lab 

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