Gforce Software Updated Its Lovely Virtual String Machine (VSM) To V3 With New Stereo Content & More

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Gforce Software VSM v3 is a free update with new stereo content including sounds from the CS-80, new interfaces, and raises the quality level even more.

It’s not a secret that Gforce Software’s Virtual String Machine (VSM) sounds gorgeous and is one of the must-have string machine plugins for every music producer. That was not enough for the developers and now they have made VSM even better. Gforce Software has tody released VSM V3, a major free update with several new additions.

VSM version 3.0 features stereo playback of a range previously unreleased, carefully crafted stereo sound-sets, two new interface sizes in two designs, and an additional LFO destination. Yes, you hear it right, new content. It comes with a huge 3.5 GB of new stereo sound-sets that features recordings from the Solina String Ensemble, Roland 505, Roland’s Juno 106, Yamaha’s CS-60 or even from the legendary CS-80.

Gforce Software VSM V3 Gforce Software VSM V3

Plus, the developers also added an additional 9 instruments and 27 sound-sets to VSM’s expansion pack, bringing the total of both VSM and its expansion pack to a massive 10GB library. The best news: it’s a free update to all registered users of VSM. Thanks, Gforce Software!

VSM Key Features

  • The sounds from 21 classic and rare string machines
  • Over 5.5Gb of data
  • Stereo playback
  • 100 individual sample sets
  • 49 note range, each note individually sampled & looped
  • Dual-Layer & Split Keyboard capability
  • Vintage style Ensemble & Phaser effects
  • Lowpass, Bandpass & Highpass Resonant Filter Section
  • Two Envelope Generators
  • Pitch & Filter LFO
  • Dynamic control including filter aftertouch
  • 800+ Patch library

A Lot Of Sounds

VSM features sounds from the ARP Omni, ARP Quartet, Crumar Multiman, Elka Rhapsody, Eminent 310, Freeman String Symphonizer, Junost 21, KORG PE-2000, Logan String Melody, Oberheim OB-8, Oberheim Xpander, Moog Opus 3, Polymoog, Roland RS-202, Solina, Yamaha SK-15, SS-30, Roland Juno 106 Stereo, RS-505 Stereo, Solina Stereo, Yamaha CS-60 and CS-80 Stereo.

Gforce Software VSM v3 and expansion pack are available now as a free update for registered users. Until 31st October 2019, VSM + Expansion Pack is available now for £99.99 (25% OFF) and VSM expansion pack for £25 (50%

More information here: Gforce Software

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