Puremagnetik Wade, West-Coast Tape Synthesizer Plugin

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Puremagnetik makes west-coast synthesis easy and user-friendly with Wade, a new Synthesizer plugin with a very own character & feature set f0r only $9.

Plugins can quickly overwhelm users. Especially when they are complex and cluttered with features. A good user interface is essential here. Puremagnetik, for example, goes a completely different way. They reduce the operation to the minimum which makes the plugins very easy to use.

The company releases a new plugin every month for only $9. For the month of May, so now, they announced a new Synthesizer plugin.

Puremagnetik Wade

Puremagnetik Wade

Wade is a new west-coast inspired Synthesizer plugin. It uses two complex oscillators with morphing waveforms from saw to a triangle. Timbre 1, one of the oscillators is also a modulator. Carve crossfades between running both oscillators together or oscillator 1 modulator oscillator 2. Basically, it morphs between parallel voices and ring modulation. Then, it has a lowpass gate, so no filter controlled by the gate parameter.

On the effects side, you have a lo-fi reverb (space) with a unique plate character, a cassette tape effect, and a filter bank. These make the sound more organic with the help of classic wow and flutter and periodic dropouts. That’s something I really like about Puremagnetik plugins, it’s simplicity. Where many plugins fail with too many features, PM offers less with which you can do a lot.

Wave doesn’t aim to compete with west-coast synths like a Buchla emulation. It has its own character which makes it a very own instrument. According to the developers, it can sounds from a Casiotone to a Melltron.

Puremagnetik Wade is available now as a VST/AU plugin for macOS & Windows for $9 USD as part of the Spark subscription service.  You can cancel the subscription at any time and the plugins remain in possession afterward. After one month Wade will become back-cataloged for a la carte purchase at $20 USD.

More information here: Puremagnetik 

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