Softube Model 84, Roland Juno-106 Synthesizer Emulation In Plugin & Modular Form

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Softube revives the legendary Roland Juno-106 with the same analog one-oscillator mojo as a Model 84 plugin and in patchable form as modules for Modular

Vintage synthesizers are often emulated by software companies. No wonder. Many want to have the legendary sound of these instruments in their DAW as a plugin without the hassle of vintage equipment. The Moog Minimoog or the Roland Juno-106 Synthesizer are among the most popular emulations among developers.

Both relatively simple structured synths, but each with a sound that everyone recognizes. And therein lies the difficulty of getting the character as close as possible. Many archived it, others don’t. Today Softube has joined the Roland Juno-106 emulation club with its new Model 84. However, their emulation does a lot different than what you don’t get from the competition.

Softube Model 84

Softube Model 84

Model 84 is an authentic emulation of the legendary Roland Juno-106. Like the original, it has a single oscillator (pulse/saw/square), a resonant 24dB/oct lowpass filter, a non-resonant high-pass filter, an ADSR envelope (level/gate), an LFO, and more. The Swedish developers did not stop there. In addition to their excellent sense of emulating vintage analog synths, they have also given it new features that match an emulation of 2021.

They expanded the engine with full velocity and aftertouch support for the amp, filter, and pulse-width (PW) as well as an upgrade for the unison mode. The latter guaranteed a higher control over the sync. They also added parameters for fine-tuning on the front panel, pitch & mod wheel assignments, glide, and customizable voice allocation. This makes the synth more flexible.

Softube Model 84 Modular

An emulation of the Roland Juno-106 is nothing new. There are numerous on the market. From Togu Audio Line (TAL), Cherry Audio, or even Roland on the Roland Cloud, there are many software versions available of this classic from 1984.  However, Softube does many differently with its Model 84 package. Instead of just giving the customer another plugin, the customer also gets the Juno-106 broken up into appetizing parts in a modular form.

More precisely, you get the DCO, LPF, ENV, LFO, NOISE, VCA as well as the legendary chorus as a module for the Software Modular plugin. These modules come with full CV and gate connections with which you can patch a modular Juno-106 Synthesizer together. Plus, Softube also added the Model 84 chorus as a module for the Amp Room plugin. Buy once, use it in three different versions.

Softube Model 84

First Impression

I must confess. I’m a big fan of how Softube currently markets its plugins. Giving modules on top of every synth release for their own Modular Synthesizer plugin is super clever. This makes the emulation of the Swedish companies much more attractive in my opinion.

If you want to find out how close Softube’s new Juno-106 emulation is, you should watch the new Starsky Carr video. He compared them side by side.

At first glance, it’s another Roland Juno-106 emulation. On the second, however, it is more than that. In addition to a top-notch, authentic sound, the user also gets this classic synth from 1984 in module form with which you can make far deeper, and complex sounds than with the pure emulation.

Softube Model 84 is available now for an introductory price of 99€ instead of 159€. It runs as a VST, VST3, AU, AAX plugin on macOS and Windows.

More information here: Softube 

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