Rigid Audio Pad Therapy & Grainstates, New Morphing Texture Instruments For Kontakt 6

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Rigid Audio has recently released Pad Therapy & Grainstates, two advanced morphing texture instruments & generators for the full version of Kontakt 6. 

Many developers have shown in recent years that Kontakt libraries do not have to be boring. Away from the static libraries to super complex instruments with deep engines. One of my favorite developers is Rigid Audio, which develops exciting synthesizer-based Kontakt instruments that can do much more than just playback sampled material. Often with various sample playback options, granular synthesis, or crazy sequencers.

Recently RA published two beautiful new libraries called Pad Therapy and Grainstates that continue on this path.

Rigid Audio Pad Therapy Grainstates

Rigid Audio Pad Therapy & Grainstates

Pad Therapy and Grainstages are new virtual instruments for Kontakt 6.4.2 (full version). They ship with 128 morphing, granular pads, and textures. Both libraries feature the same core for the sound generation but use a different set of source sample content. The core offers four different engines, two granulators, a wavetable, and time-stretching where each patch is based on three “states” (snapshots). Then, these have advanced editing, playback, and blending/morphing functionalities.

It offers controls over the main parameters, 2×64-step modulation tables, and different randomizers. Lots of features bringing the sounds into deep motion. Further, you get effects like flanger, phaser, and a reverb.

Full Synthesizer

Pad Therapy & Grainstates are primarily sample-based virtual instruments for Kontakt 6 (full version). Thanks to the custom sample support, you can build sounds from scratch with your own content and use the libraries as full synths. That’s a powerful feature.

All in all, two beautiful, new libraries from Rigid Audio give each Kontakt 6 users lots of atmospheric textures but also powerful multi-engine synths.

Rigid Audio Pad Therapy is available now for an introductory price of $6 USD until April 5, 2021. Grainstates is available now for 4,63€ for a limited time at Plugin Boutique. Both libraries require the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 6.4.2.

More information here: Rigid Audio

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