Puremagnetik Fusia, Plugin For Shimmer, Reflect, Freeze, Distort & More

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Puremagnetik Fusia is a multi-functional VST/AU plugin that takes your sounds on a colorful effect journey including shimmers, distortions, delays & more.

New month something new from Puremagnetik. As every month, the developers publish a new, interesting plugin with always slightly different concept. Besides their very fair price, I really like that these plugins are always refreshing new. Instead of classic effects like delay or reverbs, every Puremagnetik release goes into new sound design fields, often very experimental.

Back in February, they published Antoka a unique musical distortion/waveshaper plugin, this month it’s a plugin that can do a lot of things. And the beautiful plugin interface is worth the money alone.

Puremagnetik Fusia

Puremagnetik Fusia

Fusia is a multi-fx spectral tool that allows you to create sounds that shimmer, reflect, freeze, distort, delay, and scatter. It starts with a continuous one-octave up/down spectral pitch shifter that grabs the incoming audio and routes it through different effects. It goes either through a waveshaper, a delay line, a spectral freeze, or a random function.

From subtle, pitch-shifted delays, spectrally frozen distortion drones to chaotic randomized re-pitching, Fusia is capable of a wide range of effects. Especially those that are less known from classic or stock effect plugins.

What can I say, another nice effect plugin from Puremagnetik. Again very unique with an experimental touch. Take a look at Fusia, if you search for plugins that take you to new sonic fields.

Puremagnetik Fusia is available now as a VST/AU plugin for macOS & Windows for $9 USD as part of the Spark subscription service.  After one month Fusia will become back-cataloged for a la carte purchase at $20 USD.

More information here: Puremagnetik 

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