Luftrum Gives Away Over 200 Thor Synthesizer Presets For Free (Reason/iOS)

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Luftrum has officially discontinued its Reason Studios Thor Synthesizer presets and is now giving over 200 patches away for free.

Since the renaming of Reason Studios and the introduction of the Rack plugin, you can use the well-known Reason instruments such as Thor in other DAWs with VST, AU, or AAX support. The step made me very happy because I am a big friend of this synthesizer, especially from Thor. Don’t ask me why but probably because of the nostalgia of this synth.

There are also numerous presets libraries for this on the world wide web. Luftrum, a well-known sound designer announced today that he has discontinued the Thor libraries. These are now available as a free download. Yes, free presets for all Thor users, even those who enjoy Thor on iOS. Unfortunately, the synth is no longer available in the AppStore. Why Reason Studios?

Luftrum Thor

Luftrum Free Thor Presets

Luftrum Thor is now 100% free. No costs, no newsletter subscription, or anything associated with this deal. It contains all the Thor patches from the Luftrum Ambient Refill Collection. These are converted to and compatible with Thor on iPad and Reason Studios. It sh

212 patches in total with a majority of ambient pads in the realm of old Eno’esque FM pads to deep drone soundscapes, ambient textures and minimalistic synthscapes inspired by ambienteers as Biosphere, Boards of Canada, Ishq and Steve Roach. Pure ambient bliss. Whether you produce deep cryo-sleeping ambient, experimental IDM or beatless space drone music, Luftrum Thor is an essential tool in your ambient studio.

Native Access

Luftrum also announced that its Lunaris virtual instrument for Kontakt Player is now fully supported in Native Access. New installations, updates, and re-installations are all done directly in Native Access, just click Install, Reinstall or Update and Lunaris will be downloaded and installed on your system.

Luftrum Thor presets are available now as a free download and are compatible with Thor for Reason and iOS.

More information here: Luftrum 

Free Preset Libraries

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