Puremagnetik Shrike, A Shimmer Designer Plugin For Advanced Fluctuating Space Effects

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The new Puremagnetik Shrike plugin gives the classic shimmer reverb sound a new sonic twist thanks to 4 cross-modulation capable low-frequency oscillators. 

New month new plugin from Puremagnetik. Every month the company shows an affordable plugin with an interesting feature set. I can advise you to always take a look at these monthly releases. Inexpensive and special.

This month, they release Shrike, a shimmer reverb plugin that takes your sounds into the clouds.

Puremagnetik Shrike

Puremagnetik Shrike

Shrike is described as an advanced shimmer designer. It relies on a combination of an octave-shifted reverb and a matrix of 4 LFOs. With the latter, you can create pulsating, fluctuating space effects. Between the different LFO settings (rate and waveform) you can generate cross-modulation from the controls. This allows you to generate pulses and swell patterns that never repeat. The plugin has a variety of parameters that invites you to experiment with.

  • DECAY – reverb length with LFO control with BPM-synced speed and waveform controls.
  • DRAW – controls the amount of modulation through the reverb and creates a tremolo type effect. Speed controls the speed of the modulation (BPM-synced).
  • FEEDBACK – slapback echo amount. Right, and Left channels are offset by a few milliseconds for spatialization/phase effects.
  • TONE – reverb filter with LFO control including BPM-synced speed and waveform controls.
  • BLEND – dry/wet mix with LFO control.

Then, the decay, tone, and blend parameter also includes individual BPM-synced speed and waveform controls. Puremagnetik has a built an engine for Shrike that can do more than classic shimmer reverbs. For example, it is interesting to set different rates per control for overlapping, modulating spaces. Or turn the LFO rates toward the fastest speed for amplitude modulation artifacts. Further, a slapback delay adds to the sound design possibilities as you can adjust it according to your spatial feedback needs.

Shrike is available now as part of Puremagnetik ‘s Spark subscription for $9 USD per month. The plugin is running in VST & AU format on Windows & Mac. After one month it will become back-cataloged for a la carte purchase at $20 USD.

More information here: PM

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