Novation Launchkey Mk3 Firmware 1.1 Adds Strum Mode & More

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With the Novation Launchkey Mk3 keyboards, chords can now be played like on a guitar thanks to the new strum mode in firmware 1.1

Manufacturers and updates, often a somewhat suboptimal relationship. For many, it is about bringing many products to market as quickly as possible. it’s about sales, about money. Customer feedback comes in second or third place. MIDI controllers often land on the market where the firmware is still a veritable bug landscape even after years.

But there are also companies that show the opposite. In recent years, Novation has clearly shown what product care is all about. No matter if MIDI controller, Circuit groovebox, Peak, for all products there were nice free updates that put the product back in focus. Yes, updates also ensure more sales, dear companies that prefer to deliver new products instead of updates. With the new firmware 1.1 for the Launchkey Mk3 series, Novation shows again what product care means

Launchkey Mk3 Firmware 1.1

Novation Launchkey Mk3 & Launchkey Mini Mk3 Firmware 1.1

Firmware 1.1 introduces a new strum mode to the Launchkey Mini Mk3 and Launchkey Mk3.  A beloved feature that we already know from the Arturia Keystep 37 is now also being added to the Novation Launchkeys Mk3 series. Thus you can achieve the same effect as if you were sweeping your finger or plectrum over several strings on a guitar. This adds a new layer of creativity and expressiveness to the Launchkey keyboard range.

“Using Strum Mode is easy. You’ll be able to find the function as first of the three arpeggiator modes that are labelled with mysterious symbols. You can hold down notes and trigger Strum Mode by using the mod strip on the Launchkey Mini, or the mod wheel on the Launchkey [MK3]. For total sonic variation, you can also use Strum Mode alongside other arpeggiator modes.”

Launchkey Mini Mk3 Additions

Then, update 1.1 introduces some nice additions to the Launchkey Mini Mk3. First, you can now adjust the pad brightness for more comfortable visibility from the keyboard. Secondly, you are now able to switch pad velocity on or off. This functionality is especially helpful for finger drummers who prefer to have a fixed velocity. Further, the clock output from the MIDI port can now be toggled on/off. This increases flexibility for users when connecting Launchkey Mini Mk3 to other MIDI devices.

Lastly, you can now latch with double-tap the shift, arp, and fixed chord buttons. This enables handed control of shift-modified buttons — perfect for tweaking with one hand while playing with the other, or when simultaneously playing guitar or using a connected synth

Nice update for the Novation Launchkey keyboards. Especially the Mini Mk3 has become even more interesting with this update.

The new firmware 1.1 for the Novation Launchkey Mini Mk3 and Launchkey Mk3 is available now as a free download.

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