IK Multimedia Total Studio 3 MAX Bundles All Software Titles From IK

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IK Multimedia upgrades its Total Studio MAX bundle to version 3 with over 440GB of sound content and 56 plugins that cover the entire process from composing to mastering.

Do you want a single plugin or everything? Many plugin manufacturers now offer their plugins as a single purchase or big bundles. Celebrities are the Komplete package from Native Instruments or the Arturia V Collection.

IK Multimedia also offers such a bundle, the Total Studio 3 MAX. This has now received a major update with version 3.

IK Multimedia Total Studio 3 MAX

IK Multimedia Total Studio 3 Max

Anyone who opts for the Total Studio 3 MAX gets a full load of virtual instruments, effects, and mixing and mastering tools. The bundle features 124 products with over 440GB of sound content that covers every stage of music production.

Total Studio 3 MAX includes 14600 instruments including SampleTank 4 MAX, Hammond B-3X, MODO Drum, MODO Bass, Syntronik Deluxe, and Miroslav Philharmonic 2. That’s over 440 GB of sounds, from orchestral to synthesizers to organs, as well as realistic physically modeled bass and drums.

On the effects side, Total Studio 3 MAX is loaded with 487 effects and processors. It includes AmpliTube 5 MAX, IK’s flagship guitar, and bass tone studio with 14 brand and artist collections.

Diversity is also given in the mixing and mastering section. It ships with T-RackS 5 MAX, MixBox, ARC 3, and the Lurssen Mastering Console. From tracking guitars to mastering albums, all the gear users need is here, looking and sounding better than ever. Besides the plugins, the bundle also comes with thousands of presets from VIP artists and engineers. So, whether it’s tracking a Synthesizer or mastering your next techno song, instant inspiration is just a click away.

IK Multimedia Total Studio 3 SE

For those on a budget, but who don’t want to skimp, there’s Total Studio 3 SE. This bundle includes seven applications for a total of 21 plug-ins. Users get SE versions of AmpliTube 5, MODO DRUM & MODO BASS, SampleTank 4, T-RackS 5, plus Miroslav Philharmonik CE and Lurssen Mastering Console. Thus, you get 3396 instruments & sounds and 161 effect processors what is a pretty impressive amount of content.

The products from the Total Studio 3 MAX /SE  are registered via the IK Product Manager, which automates the installation process and keeps all the products organized and up to date.

If you want everything, IK Multimedia even offers Total Studio 3 MX with a pair of iLoud MTM monitor speakers in a special bundle.

Availability & Prices

IK Multimedia Total Studio 3 SE & MAX are available now for the following prices:

  • TS 3 SE download ($/€499.99 excl. VAT)
  • TS 3 MAX download ($/€899.99 excl. VAT), USB drive ($/€949.99 excl. VAT)

Existing customers who have registered any IK product for $/€99 or more can upgrade at special prices:

  • SE crossgrade download ($/€399.99 excl. VAT)
  • MAX crossgrade download ($/€599.99 excl. VAT), USB drive ($/€649.99 excl. VAT)

Total Studio 2 MAX, AmpliTube 5 MAX, SampleTank 4 MAX or T-RackS 5 MAX  are eligible for a special “maxgrade” discount:

  • MAX maxgrade download ($/€499.99 excl. VAT), USB drive ($/€549.99 excl. VAT)

Total Studio 3 MAX + iLoud MTM (pair) ($/€999.99) excl. VAT

More information here: IK Multimedia 

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