Maschine+ 1.2.15 Adds External HD Support, Komplete Kontrol Keyboards Integration & More

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Native Instruments has today updated Maschine+ to version 1.2.15 with external hard disk support, full integration of the Komplete Kontrol keyboards & more.

When Native Instrumente released the standalone version of its Maschine everyone knew that the development of the device was far from finished. Several new features and improvements have been introduced in the past few months.

Today, the developers published one of the biggest updates for every Maschine+ user.

Native Instruments Maschine +

Maschine+ 1.2.15

The biggest new feature in Maschine+ 1.2.15, in my opinion, is the support for external hard drives. It allows you to load entire projects, groups, and of course samples from external USB disk drives when the user toggle is activated in the browser. Users with large sample libraries will benefit greatly from this feature.

Another new addition is the option to save projects with the samples. This means you can choose to either save the projects with or without your samples on your SD card. Otherwise, the samples will continue to reside on the external drive. This has the disadvantage that you need the hard drive to reopen the project.

Maschine+ 1.2.15

Maschine + owners who also own other Native Instruments hardware benefit twice from the 1.2.15 update. It also adds integration for the Komplete Kontrol keyboards as well as for the discontinued Maschine JAM controller. You can now connect and power the keyboards via USB in the MIDI mode in the device. Full integration means users get the same smart features as with current computer setups. It supports only one keyboard instance at a time.

The Maschine JAM integration has however limits. It’s a basic integration that enables you to select groups, and sounds, use the sliders to control/perform effects, access the ideas view, and use the matrix to sequence patterns. The integration is not deep, but it is nice to see that the older controller from the Maschine family is also supported. In addition to these, there are other good improvements to discover in update 1.2.15.

Other New Functionalities & Improvements

  • Navigating Clips via 4-D Encoder: you can now use the 4-D encoder to interact and arrange clips in the song mode. It is possible to navigate between Groups, select, move, and resize Clips using the 4-D encoder.
  • Improvements
    • navigation between pattern view and clip view: it is now possible to easily switch between pattern view and clip view.
    • naming for clips and pattern duplication: To aid ease of use and speed up workflow, the names of clips and patterns are now automatically appended with a number when duplicated.
    • file deletion: you can now delete files in the browser using the erase button
    • system update notifications: MASCHINE+ will now provide notifications when a System Update is available

A nice update for the Maschine +. I think many will be happy about the external HD support, as this makes the sample management much more flexible. Hopefully, we will also see new instruments for the standalone machine in the future.

Native Instruments Maschine+ 1.2.15 update is available now as a free download. Maschine+ is out now for 1299€.

More information here: Native Instruments

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