Behringer MonoPoly Synthesizer Is Available Now For 698€

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Behringer MonoPoly, an authentic clone of the iconic 4-VCO analog Synthesizer from Korg, is ready for shipping and costs just $699 USD.

Update: the Behringer MonoPoly is on stock Thomann for 698€.

For a few months now I’ve been reporting on the development of the new Behringer MonoPoly. Behringer announced some important news today. The MonoPoly is ready for shipping and will cost $699 USD which is once again very affordable. I speculated a price between $ 500 and $ 800 since it is based on the same shape as the Poly-D.

Behringer MonoPoly

We’re proud to announce that we have managed to offer the MonoPoly for US$ 699. We’re now expecting large back orders, but we promise to work hard to ship your unit as fast as we possibly can.
Thank you for all your patience and support. You guys are the reason why we do what we do

Behringer MonoPoly

The Behringer MonoPoly is almost a 1 and 1 copy of the Korg original. Not only is the analog design replicated but also the iconic blue design. A perfect 100% clone? No. You can still see where the original is and where the replica. But it features all the functions we know from the vintage device. It has 4 VCOs which can operate in unison monophonic but also in a polyphonic mode where they are shared. Then, it has a characterful filter, two envelopes (oscillator/filter), and two individual LFOs. The latter can be used to modulate for example the pulse-width.

The original MonoPoly is still loved by many today because of its great sound. The Behringer recreation also features the iconic chord memory and “effects” mode. Well, it does not have real effects like delay/reverbs but it an oscillator shaping function. Once activated, you can sync the oscillators in different ways. This function is also responsible for the iconic sound. Also, it comes with a built-in arpeggiator that can run all 4 VCO’s at the same time. But, of course, it can also cycle through each voice per note which is a very prominent feature of it.

The New MonoPoly

The Behringer MonoPoly is not really a further development. It’s more of a 1/1 clone of the original. However, the development team has added an auto-tune function to the oscilllator section, which is very helpful. However, that’s the only major new feature of it.

So we have now a clone of the legendary blue 4-oscillator Synthesizer from Korg for just $699. Tests have to see how close it is to the original and whether it is convincing. The prototype/beta version from the official video could sonically convince. You can love or hate Behringer for what they do. But one thing is sure: they do it and in a very affordable way. In the past, there were occasional unpleasant situations between Behringer and the media. If you have no problem with that and just want to have a “MonoPoly” at home, you will certainly not be disappointed here. A best seller will be either way, even without this article.

Behringer MonoPoly is available soon for $699 USD worldwide.

More information here: Behringer 

Behringer MonoPoly is available for pre-order from our partner


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  1. I get really annoyed with this site and others for saying these items are available or ready to ship..

    We all know it wont for months. 2600, still has not shipped. Still not available at retailers.

    • It’s ready to ship from the factory. Once I arrived in the shops, it’s available. Not before.
      That’s means in this case “ready for shipping” 🙂

        • I’m in contact with German shops and they don’t receive yet fixed shipping date but they estimate that 2600 will come in in January and MonoPoly in February.
          One of the reasons is the actual pandemic that delays every new product. Sorry more than this I can’t say. I’m not a reseller. Behringer starts shipping means
          it goes on a boat and this takes normally several weeks until it arrives.

  2. I really like how “no presets” filters out lots of potential buyers. Makes this more of a real synth tweaker machine 🙂

    • Dear Yoda or bobby, well I changed it! it means that you can still recognize the original by the original and the clone by the clone. So it’s not entirely cloned. If they clone it 100%, they would write Korg on it.

      • all in good fun man just teasing you. and yeah you got that right, personally can’t wait for them to clone a few more polys

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