VAMono, New ’80s Inspired Analog-Modeling Synthesizer For iOS

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VAMono by RT Music Software is a new mono analog-modeling Synthesizer that pays tribute to the ’80s analog legendaries in form of a new iOS app.

Ryo Togawa has released numerous solid effect processors for iOS in the past few months, all with AUv3 support. Now he has released his first virtual instrument for the iPad / iPhone.

VAMono is a new analog-modeling aka virtual analog Synthesizer that is inspired by iconic monophonic analog Synthesizers of the ’80s. He doesn’t tell us which devices have inspired him, but some features are heavily associated with Roland like the Xmod.



VAMono is monophonic and has a classic synthesizer architecture. Two oscillators, lowpass filter, one LFO, three envelope generators, amplifier, distortion, and a delay effect. According to the developer, the oscillators are capable of creating a wide range of different modulation to shape the sound before the filtering stage.

This includes pitch, shape, and pulse width modulation via the LFO or envelope as well as Xmod, ring mod, and hard sync. The Xmod and ring mod runs here on audio rate level perfect for very high modulations. Features that we know from numerous vintage and modern Roland synthesizers. The vintage vibe also continues in the filter section and amplifier. These are modeled after these iconic analog synths from the ’80s. So these should deliver a fat, rich analog-like sound.


Further, you have an amp section that additionally offers AM (amplitude modulation), a distortion, and delay effect processor. Perfect to put the finishing touches on the sounds. The synth also hosts a 64-step sequencer with which you can sequences notes and parameters. Both the synth and the sequencer are available in the AUv3 version and in standalone operation. The latter supports Ableton Link, Bluetooth MIDI, and MIDI in/out. VAMono also ships with 60 factory presets.

At first glance, the synthesizer sounds very solid and has a rich, analog-style sound. It’s a shame that there is no polyphony. The app requires 14.2 or later. No information about Apple M1 Mac support.

More information here: RT Music Software

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