Instruments Of Things IO-Lights, A Playful Light-Sensitive MIDI Controller

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Instruments Of Things IO-Lights is a light-sensitive MIDI controller that is super portable, playful, and fully-customizable.

The MIDI controller market is huge: slim keys, full-size, lots of knobs, sliders … Often the same thing just packaged differently and from other companies. How about a MIDI controller that has neither knobs, sliders nor keys. Instruments of Things from Germany, for example, goes in another direction. They put the focus on products that are innovative and performance-oriented.

The 2.4Sink is a wireless, multi-function CV interface that converts your movements into control voltages with the help of motion sensors. The Ableton Link support which is rarely available in Eurorack is no less exciting than the main function. That alone would be a reason to choose the module. After air acrobatics comes the light. More precisely, a new light-sensitive controller.


Instruments Of Things IO-Lights

IO-Lights is a USB-MIDI class-compliant controller with a high-precision light sensor based around 12 LEDs. It looks like a bank card that fits perfectly in your pocket. But it’s a powerful tool that lets you control MIDI CC or MIDI note signals with light. Pretty sure, you don’t have a controller like this in your arsenal. Instead of using knobs and faders, you are using the light to interact with your sounds.

You can use it in different ways. Light to MIDI translates your surrounding light or light source of your choice into MIDI data. These can be MIDI notes or MIDI control changes. By simply pointing a light source on the IO-Light, it allows you to play music or interact with the mapped parameter.

The other way is also possible. MIDI to Light allows you to visualize MIDI notes by the 12 LEDs on the IO-Lights. That’s not all, this function offers one more thing. The resulting light also influences the MIDI signals that IO-Lights emit. This creates a generative sound-light interaction.


Random Light

For the crazy light show, there is the Random Light Mode. In this, the IO-Lights generate light randomly but also influences at the same time your sound parameters by the resulting change of luminosity. So you can experiment a lot with sound. According to the developer, the latency is less than 3 milliseconds what is small enough to work with.

Since the controller is class-compliant (no drivers), it is not only suitable for PC & Mac but also for mobile devices such as iPad / iPhone. With a web app, the device’s MIDI settings can be configured easily and without great effort.

At first glance a very interesting, small MIDI controller of a different kind. It is certainly not a monster controller, but one that invites you to experiment. Certainly also super worthwhile to work with children. Map some parameters to the controller and the kids will have a lot of fun running their little hands over the light. Certainly also a powerful and affordable tool for performance artists and interactive exhibitions.

Instruments Of Things IO-Lights is available for pre-order for an early bird price of 55€ (20% OFF) (regular 69€). The will be delivered in February 2021 (estimated).

More information here: IOT

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