Sonic Charge Vintage Tonic, Free Microtonic Patch Library Created With AI

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Sonic Charge Vintage Tonic is a free patch library that infuses vintage drum machine sounds in the MicroTonic Synthesizer plugin (PC/Mac).

There are many drum Synthesizer plugins on the market. In November, Oblivion Sound Lab released Hex Drum, a 7-channel Simmons SDS inspired drum synth that could convince in the first impression. One of the best and for me, the most powerful and punchy remains MicroTonic by Sonic Charge (Magnus Lidström). As a reminder: the engine of the MicroTonic is not only available in software but also in hardware. More precisely, the Teenage Engineering PO-32 is powered by the same code.

Both are compatible with each other. Thus this turns the MicroTonic Synthesizer plugin into a sound supplier for the PO-32. For Christmas, Sonic Charge released a patch library “Vintage Tonic”, which contains sounds from vintage drum machines. However, these sounds were not designed in a classic way by Magnus. It comes from long AI (artificial intelligence) experiments.
Sonic Charge Vintage Tonic

During the past few years I have been experimenting with machine learning algorithms that search for parameter settings to imitate any sound with any synth. Today I am happy to reveal the first fruit of this labor: Vintage Tonic.

Sonic Charge Vintage Tonic

From these experiments, a free sound library was created that recreates the sounds of 10 vintage drum machines. The library includes sounds from:

  • Maestro Rhythm King (1960).
  • Keio / Korg Minipops 7 (1966).
  • Roland CR-78 CompuRhythm (1978).
  • Korg KR-55 (1979).
  • Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer (1980).
  • Oberheim DMX (1981).
  • Linn Drum (1982).
  • Roland TR-909 Rhythm Composer (1984), TR-707 (1984) & TR-505 (1986)

All in all, a very exciting project in my opinion. Imagine Magnus comes to the point where he develops a tool that automatically vintage drum machine that you suggest to the software. A kind of analysis of samples in synthesis. That would be a soft mind-blowing. The patches from this library sound great and hope the project continues.

Sonic Charge Vintage Tonic is available now as a free download for existing customers. The custom Vintage Tonic skin for Microtonic is available at the Soniccharge forum.

More information here: Sonic Charge

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  1. Too bad it’s only for paid users of Microtonic. I have the PO-32 and been thinking about buying Microtonic as an editor, but it’s overkill for what I’m likely to do with it.

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