Chowdhury DSP CHOW Matrix Is A Free Delay Plugin, Modular & Insanely Complex

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Chowdhury DSP CHOW Matrix is a free modular delay plugin that fuses an insanely complex engine into a straightforward designed, fully-resizable interface. 

Free plugin alert. Chowdhury DSP, known for the free CHOWTape plugin has today released yet another impressive free audio effect for PC & Mac. CHOW Matrix is an open-source, free delay plugin that is based on an infinitely growable tree of delay lines.

To put it more simply: it is a kind of modular plug with which you can create simple but also highly complex delays.

Chowdhury DSP CHOW Matrix

Chowdhury DSP CHOW Matrix

The modularity of the plug-in is guaranteed by the built-in matrix in which you can interconnect an infinite amount of delay modules. Each has individual controls for feedback, panning, distortion, and more. Globally, you can control the dry/wet mix, the delay interpolation mode, sync mode, and the amount of insanity. The latter unleashes the experimental character of the plugin. It slightly randomizes the delay length for each node. At higher settings, CHOW Matrix becomes a wild experimental audio effect processor.

Additionally, it has a randomization function on the right side with which you can fully randomize the parameters of all delay nodes. It’s fun and sometimes it turns out to be very exciting. With SHIFT-click on the delay diagram, you can create new nodes. If any node was selected previously, it would act as a “parent” for the new node. Big points for the interface. It’s clear, intuitive, and freely resizable


Chow Matrix is open-source and a free download via GitHub. It runs on PC & Mac in VST, VST3, AU plugin formats and as a standalone application. A fantastic plugin in my opinion that you should not miss.

More information here: Chowdhury DSP

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