Puremagnetik Released Fathoms Ambient Processor Plugin For PC & Mac

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Puremagnetik has today released Fathoms, a new effect processor plugin for PC & Mac that can turn anything into a glacial soundscape, harmonic drone or endless pitch-shifted space. It can sound like a reverb but it can do much more than this.

The idea is to process the incoming and routes it through a resonating, physically modeled space. With the defined dimension, it can pitch shift and send audio through a complex delay matrix.

Puremagnetik Fathoms

Further manipulations are possible with filtering, spectral freezing, and amplitude modulation. With these options, you say goodbye to classic reverb sounds and allows to discover new areas of soundscaping.


  • Spectral Pitch Processor: Fathoms spectrally analyses all incoming audio so that you can pitch shift or freeze it.
  • Filter: Tone sculpt the post-processed audio with simultaneous high and low, Moog style ladder filters.
  • Delay Matrix: Pre-reverb, all audio is sent through a delay matrix with amplitude modulation and feedback controls. The amplitude modulation is a variable random amount (adjustable with “Swell”) to give the effect a sense of natural modulation before it is routed into the resonant reverb.

Puremagnetik Fathoms is available now as part of the Spark subscription for $8 USD per month where you get every month a new plugin. After one month, it will become a back-cataloged plugin and will be available for $20 USD.

More information here: Puremagnetik 

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