Dreadbox Antidote Karplus-Strong Voice & Euphoria Phase Shifter Modules

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Dreadbox expands its Chromatics series with two new 10HP modules: Antidote a complete Karplus-Strong Synthesis voice and Euphoria a new analog 8-stage phase shifter. 

With the Chromatics series, Dreadbox has introduced a series of exciting modules that offer a lot. Feature-rich, clever designs, colorful, and very affordable.

Now Dreadbox heralds the second Chromatic round, with two new modules.

Dreadbox Antidote Euphoria

Dreadbox Antidote

Antidote is a complete Karplus-Strong Synthesis voice that is based on an analog circuit with a 512 stages BBD chip. Karplus-Strong is a synthesis method that loops a short waveform through a filtered delay line to mainly simulate the sound of hammered or plucked string or percussion sounds. Often, you can find this synthesis technology in physical modeling synthesizers but now in a 10HP module. The core of the module is a noise generator with a variable decay called pluck.

This signal flows through two analog lowpass filters, one in the input and one in the output. The latter is at the same time a lowpass gate. According to Dreadbox, it tracks precisely over 5 octaves (CO up to B4) and can process external signals as well. In this case, you achieve with the module resonator-style effects or by applying an external LFO flanger and chorus-like sounds. A really nice idea for a module.

Dreadbox Euphoria

Secondly, Dreadbox packs a full analog OTA-chips-based 8-stage phase shifter in a 10HP module called Euphoria. It can a wide range of sonic timbres including phase-amplitude modulation (AM) sounds. Like the lovely Nostalgia delay module, it also works with lower-level signal inputs that can be found in fretted instruments. The module also carries an internal voltage controlled LFO with a triangle shape and a wide frequency range. According to the developer, the frequency goes up to 1 min into the audio range.

Yet another tasty analog module from Dreadbox. What I, unfortunately, don’t like is the white print on a yellow module. This is very difficult to read, maybe it can be improved a bit.

Dreadbox Antidote and Euphoria will be available in mid November for very affordable 99€.

More information here: Dreadbox 

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