AudioThing Wires, Hainbach’s Vintage Soviet Wire Recorder Recreated As A Plugin

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Wires is an authentic emulation of a soviet wire recorder from the 1970s and is a collaboration between AudioThing and the Berlin-based musician Hainbach. 

AudioThing started its activity with sample libraries. Before a few years, however, the developer shifted this toward solid and characterful plugins for PC & Mac. For the new project, he has teamed up with YouTuber and sound magician Hainbach. He regularly experiments with rare vintage electronic devices that do not have music-making as their primary goal. For example, he works with old test devices and elicits fascinating tones from them, which he embeds perfectly into his music.

Wires is the result of the two creative minds. It is an accurately modeled and enhanced 1970 Soviet wire recorder made originally for military and secret service. In the hands of avant-garde / experimental musicians like Hainbach, this vintage device becomes a unique lo-fi and ghostly echo sound design tool.

AudioThing Wires

AudioThing Wires

Wires plugin relies on an echo section and emulations of the original speaker and mic. Additional hiss and motor noise with a dedicated envelope bring some extra flavor to the sound. Also, start and stop effects are onboard for more authenticity.

We took great care to get all the idiosyncratic behavior exactly right – it reacts dynamically to the input and does stuff to audio that is a completely different texture to magnetic tape. There is a special tone to the hair-thin wire and the vacuum tube output stage of this machine, unheard of anywhere else. The standard way to make a unit such as this music is to put it on an aux channel of a mixer, to turn it into a fixed tempo echo. We offer all the variable time features you want, as well as the option to switch off the rather high noise floor of this machine without sacrificing the rather alive sound.

Unique Sound Design Tool

We know how to use a chorus, delay, reverb,… in music production but where can an effect like Wires be useful. I don’t think it’s an effect plugin that will make your track an instant hit. It is more of one of those with which you can colorize sounds uniquely. The plugin has the ability to breathe new life into standard bread and butter sounds. From ghostly echoes, lo-fi textures… everything is possible.

It also houses a tube emulation at the output that adds even more character and density to the final effect. The built-in preset random generator creates strange sounds at the push of a button and gives you infinite new timbres.

A fascinating vintage device but also the emulation from AudioThing and Hainbach. I’m sure you only have a plugin like this in your arsenal once.

AudioThing Wires (VST/VST3/AU/AAX) is available now for an introductory price of 39€ (regular 59€). Customers of the Reels plugin get a special discount. A demo version is ready to download as well as a detailed PDF manual from the website.

More information here: AudioThing 

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