Beast-Tek Pixel Drum Is A Gritty/Glitchy 12-Bit Drum Synth Voice

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Beast-Tek Pixel Drum is a new gritty, glitchy 12-bit drum synth voice with 32 algorithms that bring glitchy goodness to your Eurorack rig.

Pixel Drum is the slightly different Eurorack module. This is not about the perfect clean but beautiful dirty sound.

According to the developer. it can produce gritty kicks/snares, evolving glitch sounds/textures to arcade machine bleep and bloops.

Beast-Tek Pixel Drum


In the first third, the interface features in the first third an ALG encoder with which you can select the algorithms (01-32) and an additional display. You can also control the algorithm selection via CV with the CV ALG input. The CV input is 6.66VP (bipolar) and is applied relative to the selected algorithm. Sounds can be manipulated with the three algorithm parameters I, II & III and the knobs act as offsets.

Then it offers a shape encoder that allows you to select one of the 16 different envelopes shapes. From linear to exponential, reverse linear through multiple ramp-downs and other weirdness. The decay controls the length or duration on the envelope. Counter clock-wise is short, clockwise is longer.

Further, it offers a trigger input (generate/start sounds), choke input (trigger input where on the rising edge of the trigger all active voices will be stopped), an accent and pitch input. The pitch input, however, tracks not on all algorithms with 1V/oct. Last but not least, it comes with a Mono/Para switch for monophonic or paraphonic operation.

Beast-Tek Pixel Drum is available now for $175 USD as a DIY kit and $280 USD assembled version on the official website or on Error Instruments.

More information here: Beast-Tek

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