SC-808 Is A Free Crossplatform TR-808 Drum Machine Emulation

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Happy 808 day and enjoy your day for example with the new SC-808, a new crossplatform TR-808 drum machine emulation from Japan

SC-808 is a emulation of the legendary Roland TR-808 drum machine that runs on the modular environment SuperColider and is coded by the composer and producer Yoshinosuke Horiuchi. It’s however not a simple 808 recreation because it offers an engine that goes deeper.

It allows users to modify  user to modify and customize parameters quickly thanks to the modular platform. For example, you optimised to used for live coding performance. Not a huge feature for everyone but why not. According to the developer, it’s most flexible modifiable 808 on the market.



  • Running on SuperCollider
  • Modify and customize all easily
  • support DAW connectivity
  • MIDI – all sounds are controlled by MIDI and Control Change (and GUI)
  • Support the Live Coding Performance
  • Cross-Platform – macOS, Windows, and Linux

The developer has informed me that he suffers due to Covid-19. The software is a free download but you can support him with a donation of over $29 USD. Than you get an advanced version of the SC-808 and a carefully created sample pack. The SC-808 Advanced supports separate outputs and offers multi-filters including Moog Ladder, TB-303, and a high-pass filter.

The sample pack features modified sounds that the original hardware doesn’t generate. Here is a first look video about the SC-808.

SC-808 by Yoshinosuke Horiuchi is available now as a free download. Donate $29 USD+ and get an advanced version + a sample pack.

More information here: YH 

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