Krotos’ Latest Simple Concept Synth Lets Producers Focus On The Music

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Krotos’ first synth plugin Concept is now available as a simple version, only with a user-friendly set of controls that lets you focus on your music.

At NAMM 2020, Krotos presented its first synthesizer plugin called Concept. It is a subtractive synth that is paired with complex modulators. Now they have shrunk the Concept synth, removed near all features, and designed a simple version. According to the developers, Simple Concept is an interactive and easy-to-use softsynth powered by Krotos’s Concept synth engine, wrapped into a compact interface.

Simple Concept offers a simple workflow and a user-friendly set of controls that lets you focus on your music. Every patch is equipped with 7 controls (three macros & ADSR envelope). With these, you can edit quickly and effortlessly your sounds without a steep learning curve.

Krotos Simple Concept

With its 80 onboard sounds, Simple Concept is not a big preset Synthesizer. But you are not limited to these 80. Either you change the sounds with the available controls on the interface or you use the intelligent random function. This allows you to create infinite preset variations with a single click using tweak it, and create unique basses, leads, pads, keys, textures, and FX in an instant.

The synth includes also an oscilloscope that gives you real-time visual feedback based on the master output of the plugin.

At first glance, a nice idea to make Concept Synthesizer accessible to more people. In the simple version, Concept, unfortunately, loses the exciting thing. For example, the modulation of the parameters via the audio input. So unfortunately it’s just a relatively simple synthesizer in my eyes. It would have been nicer if this simple version is a free add-on for the big Concept synth. And once you have found a sound, you can switch directly to the big one and edit the preset in detail. Nonetheless, a nice release, maybe they will rethink their idea.

Krotos Simple Content is available now for 26,62€.  A free demo is available on the official website.

More information here: Krotos

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