Majella Audio Teases Implexus, Desktop Synthesizer With East & West Coast Features

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Majella Audio teases Implexus Synthesizer, their new flagship desktop synth that fuses west-coast & east-coast based synthesis features in a new desktop unit  

The world needs new synthesizers with exciting concepts. Something like this may come from Utrecht (Netherlands) in the near future. The Eurorack manufacturer Majella Audio teases on Facebook Implexus, a new desktop Synthesizer with a powerful synth engine. There is not much to see, just a small section of the interface. But it already shows part of the super interesting synthesis engine.

According to the first teaser photo, Majella Audio installs two synthesis forms in the oscillator core. On the one hand a complex oscillator, on the other hand a basic oscillator that sounds like classic subtractive synthesis.  The user can change the engine from complex, off, to basic, using a switch. The most exciting part for me is the complex oscillator often found in Eurorack modules less in desktop synths (Buchla Easel, O-Coast …)

Majella Audio Implexus

The individual sections of the complex oscillator can be seen on the interface: range, harmonics, folder (wavefolder), lin FM, fine… Next to the oscillator, you can see the mixer section and a filter. This is certainly interesting because often complex oscillator-based synthesizers do not require a filter to shape the sound. It’s not about removing harmonics (filters) here but adding them. But it makes sense again since you also have a basic engine inside Implexus that is probably based on east-coast principles where a filter is also used.

It seems that Majella Audio offers an approach mix of east and west coast synthesis or easier say: a synthesizer that offers both. Very exciting. In a picture from May 18, you can see that Implexus will become a desktop Synthesizer.

Majella Audio Implexus

We don’t know a lot about the new Synthesizer from Majella Audio. What the Dutch synthesis specialists have shown us so far looks extremely exciting. More information will follow soon.

Source: Majella Audio

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