J74 FreeCode Pack, a free pack with audio & MIDI Max for Live devices

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Grab for Christmas the free J74 FreeCode Pack from Fabrizio Poce with three useful Max For Live audio & MIDI devices for Ableton Live

In the last few days, I’ve written a lot about free plugins for Christmas. I hope you have benefited from the various free offers. Especially the Arturia plugin is only available for a short time. But if you prefer to work with internal Ableton Live tools, there is now a nice offer too.

The third-party Max For Live device developer Fabrizio Poce has today released the FreeCode pack, a bundle with three nice devices for Max For Live.

J74 FreeCode

J74 FreeCode

Fabrizio Poce has packed three super useful Max for Live devices into the J74 FreeCode bundle. It features J74-Chord ExplorerLight, a MIDI chord device from the J74 Progressive/J74 Bassline toolsets. It offers a chord set with 35 different chords that are harmonically constructed from a selected scale. These are MIDI mappable and you can also sequence them. Also onboard is a hold mode for creating drones for example.

Then, it includes the J74-PhaseVocOder, a 8-voice phase vocoder with built-in filter, envelope, LFO/spread and drive controls. A snapshots functionality gives you ability to save vocoder presets. Further, Fabrizio added a stereo chorus effect device (J74-Eighty-Four Chorus) that is inspired by Roland Juno 60/106 and other 80s synths. It’s very simple device with the classic three-button chorus design and rate, depth, and dry/wet controls.

A nice free bundle with Max For Live devices that should be missed.

The J74 FreeCode pack is available now as a free download. It is compatible with Ableton Live 10 and 11 Suite or Stadard + Max for Live license.

More information here: J74 

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