HY-Poly, New VA Synth Plugin Packed With Tons Of Modulation & MIDI Power

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HY-Poly is a versatile virtual analog synthesizer plugin with three oscillators, many modulation options, and creative MIDI effects plus a free version to try out.

HY-Plugins is one of my favorite plugin developers. He actually comes from the M4L device corner but has also been making VST / AU plugins for some time. For me, the products are so exciting because they offer a nice design, a huge set of features with some very refined functions with which you can drive the sound quickly in experimental spheres. With the HY-Poly, he is now launching a classic virtual analog synthesizer, which is, however, nicely expanded in some places.

HY-Poly features 3 oscillators with 3 oscillator modes (sync, FM…) and supported by a sub-oscillator. Further, there is a mixer, dual multi-mode filter (serial/parallel), four envelopes, two LFOs, random generator, S&H, and more. The modulation systems offer 24 mod sources and are solved by simple drag & drop assignments, with which you work very quickly.

HY-Plugins HY-Poly

The X Factor: MIDI & Audio Effects

So far, everything sounded a bit like a relatively simple and familiar virtual analog synth. However, HY-Plugins has two areas implemented, which makes this virtual instrument more worthwhile. One the one hand there are 9 MIDI effects in total that can be applied to the engine: octave, transposer, velocity, harmonizer, scaler, note chance, note echo & arpeggiator. All of them can be easily combined with each other in one patch.

There is also not little choice in the effect section. There are 24 different effects to choose from: 5 delays (simple, reverse, mod, grain & lo-fi), 5 filters (SVF, formant, 3 Band EQ, comb, dual-comb), 4 mod fx (chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo/panner), 2 shifter (freq, pitch), 3 nonlinear (clipper, lo-fi, OD/dist), 4 dynamics (comp, gate, envelope shaper), reverb & 2 utility tools (oscilloscope, utility). Each effect can also be easily modulated using drag & drop.

The synth comes also with an intuitive preset browser and a resizable interface.

Free Version

There is also a free version hidden in the download section. The free version has fewer features but is fully usable without time limitations or noise. It comes only with one oscillator mode (sync), a maximum number of 4 voices, no midi effects, and only 5 audio effects. The entire modulation power, however, is included in the free version, which is a nice plus. This includes four envelopes, two LFOs, random generator, S&H & more. So a versatile free Synthesizer plugin with a little fewer features.

HY-Plugins HY-Poly is available now for $60 USD on the official website. On ADSR and KVR store, you can benefit from a $20 discount until July 2nd, 2020. A  demo & free versions are available from the website. For the free version, check the download section.

More information here: HY-Plugins

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